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• It is our Original product.
• % 100 LEATHER
• 2020 Spring / Summer
• Brand: MASERTO

About us

How Did We Come Today?

You are used to hearing the success stories of big companies. Let us tell you about our extraordinary and fascinating success story.

shines like a star in the men's clothing industry today, dazzling with its commercial success. However, it seems that it took a long way to reach this stage. It also did so without being part of the unfair competition in the industry, the exorbitant price pie.

Our Driving Force!

Maserto was founded as a result of the rebellious determination of a worker who could not afford to buy even one of the suits of the factory where he worked and produced. The foundation of the brand, to work abroad after years of arduous labor and leading to language learning is an entrepreneurial success story founded the firm with experience gained both in Turkey and abroad.

Accurate Price Despite Exorbitant Price!

Maserto was founded by a culinary textile worker who witnessed every process from production to cost and sales. The design training received combined with the experience in the sector, and the installation process that started with a warehouse opened in Istanbul continued with branding. It is the most important chance of the company that it has a founder who has a command of world trends as well as quality production. In addition, the brand, in contrast to the cheap production and exorbitant price policy implemented by many companies; has adopted an affordable sales policy. Today, almost all famous brands tend to produce their products at low cost and sell them at high prices. However, Maserto always determines its pricing with the principle of "elegance".

Quality in Product Customer Satisfaction!

and is a brand that serves businessmen in the field of classic clothing. It is one of the unrivaled companies in the accessory category, from products made with non-staining fabrics, to wrinkle-free suits that greatly facilitate business life, from belt designs that do not squeal in Xray, to durable fabrics suitable for long-term use. Our brand has models that are easy to use for business people who constantly wear suits or have to travel frequently. In addition, our products include various types of suit collections suitable for different seasonal conditions. All of the products are resistant to wear and damage due to travel.

What Does Maserto Brand Success Do?

The dignity of the individual, excellent quality, and the best service are the most important factors for brand success. It cares not to save the day in its category, but to establish long-term business relationships. All of the products he designs have the advantage of easy use apart from their elegance and nobility. Thanks to its innovative solutions in line with today's business conditions, Maserto is one of the brands preferred by businessmen with confidence. It is an innovative approach that takes customer needs into account. With this approach, our company has waged war on the escalation of the competitive environment in the sector and exorbitant price monopoly. Thus, the obligation to pay very high sums for a few large companies just for their brands has disappeared, and this situation has even caused some companies to cut prices in order to remain in a competitive environment. In other words, his efforts to break the perception of payment and to be unique with the clothes it produces can be considered among the most fundamental success factors of the company.

Our Focus!

Our 5 basic principles for excellent service

  • Quality production
  • Honest work
  • Correct pricing
  • Customer happiness
  • Need-oriented solutions

We are trying to produce the best for you with new designs and technological innovations every day. As an innovative brand that exports to 25 countries in 4 continents, we continue and will continue to determine the trend in the sector and develop products for the needs.



MASERTO GİYİM GIDA DIŞ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. Nişanca Mah Daltaban Slope Sok No 1 Laleli / Ist

Phone: +90 212 343 06 44

Mobile: +90 554 162 06 44

Mobile: +90 531 492 74 44

Customer Service: 0212 343 06 44


Our Bank Information

Maserto Giyim Gıda Dış Tic Ltd. Sti

Bank: Kuwaitturk

Account No-Customer: 94654879

Branch: Osmanbey İstanbul

Account Type: TL

İban: TR37 0020 5000 0946 5487 9000 01

Working Hours

09:00 | 18:00


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Maserto Giyim


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About The Company

Erkek Takım Elbise,Damatlık,Tek Ceket İmalatı ve Toptan satışı

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