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Mardav DuPont Tyvek Su Yalıtım Örtüsü

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Mardav DuPont Tyvek Waterproofing Cover

It is used as a breathable waterproofing cover between the thermal insulation and the coating surface in the curtain wall and siding applications under the roof tiles.

Providing comfort conditions in buildings is one of the most important goals of the building sector today.

It is mandatory for comfort conditions to remove the water vapor formed in living spaces and to prevent the formation of condensation problems. In hipped roofs made with traditional management, this problem is tried to be solved with ventilation details. However, such roofs are not only open to external influences but are also inadequate to fully solve condensation problems. Tyvek® Breathable Waterproofing Membranes are the solution to this problem in hipped roofs.

As a result of DuPont research and development studies; Tyvek® Breathing Waterproofing Membranes have been put into service of the building sector and its performance has been proven. With the use of Tyvek® Breathable Waterproofing Covers, the need for ventilation details on the eaves is eliminated. Thanks to its 100% HDPE material and its thermally bonded dense knitting structure, the cold air in the outside environment is prevented from entering the roof and heat loss transmitted by convection is prevented.


Who are we ?

NUR YAPI GRUP was founded in 1999 by Hakan ERSÖZ in Istanbul. Since its establishment, Nur Yapı Grup has carried out many projects with high sectoral value with its dynamic structure and its understanding that attaches importance to quality by growing constantly. With its infrastructure that attaches importance to contemporary structuring, it is a company that has managed to establish high references with successful implementation operations in many projects with high budget and importance in the country and international arena.

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Location: İSTANBUL

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About The Company

Biz Kimiz

NUR YAPI GRUP 1999 yılında Hakan ERSÖZ tarafından İstanbul’da kurulmuştur. Nur Yapı Grup kuruluşundan günümüze kadar, dinamik yapısı ve sürekli büyüyerek kaliteye önem veren anlayışı ile sektörel değeri yüksek birçok projeye imza atmıştır. Çağdaş yapılanmaya önem veren altyapısıyla, günümüze kadar ülke genelinde ve uluslar arası arenada yüksek bütçeye ve önem değerine sahip birçok projede başarılı uygulama operasyonları ile yüksek referanslar oluşturmayı başarmış bir firmadır.

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