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Manual Core Shooting Machine KM

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  1. Model: KM-1
  2. size of core box: 160 x 220 mm
  3. vol. of core: 350 C.C
  4. Production rate: 100-150 pcs/hr
  5. Required air pressure: 3-5 kgs/cm2

      Kao Kuen Industrial Co., a professional manufacturer of core shooting machine and shell molding machines for more than 30 years.


Kao Kuen Industrial Co., LTD

Location: Taiwan

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About The Company

Company Description

Kao Kuen Industrial Co., a professional manufacturer of core shooting machine and shell molding machines, has accumulated a solid knowledge and experience in making most effective, economic and durable machines for more than 30 years. In modern foundry industry, core making has become one of key elements for successful casting. While foundry industry is looking for high yield molding machine, core making became a bottleneck of casting process.

Kao Kuen has come out to provide the industry most needed equipment: core shooting machine and shell molding machine. Kao Kuen core shooting and shell molding machines have following features:

  1. Excellent machine for making hollow cores,
  2. The same machine can make cores or shells.
  3. Sand blowing tank is specially designed and made. Very low air pressure will be required.
  4. Small and thin cores can be made by this machine.
  5. Install loose pieces and slide, difficult drawn core can be made in our machines.
  6. Core can be removed automatically by ejector and conveyer.
  7. Core box and shell mold change is easy and fast.
  8. Machine is durable. Very few numbers of consumption parts are required.
  9. Maintenance is easy and minimal.

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