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KLK OLEO Stearic Acid 1842/1838/1820/1860/1870/1880,Stearic Acid Triple Pressed

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Product name

Stearic Acid


Carboxylic Acid



Other Names

Octadecanoic acid, Triple Pressed Stearic Acid





Place of Origin


Grade Standard

Agriculture Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade




White granular


Cosmetics,plasticizers, release agent,stabilizer, surfactant, rubber

Brand Name


Model Number






Flashing point


Water solubility

0.1-1 g/100 mL at 23℃

Vapour pressure





Keep in a cool and dry place

Supply ability

5000Mts per month



Product Name: Stearic Acid 1842

ITEMS SPECIFICATIONS                                                                             
Appearance White , bead type Complies
Iodine value≤ 0.3 0.25
Sapon value 209-211 210.25
Acid value 208-210 209.4
Color(hazen)≤ 60 55
Titer,°C 54-57 55.5
Moisture %≤    0.2 0.08
Inorganic %≤ 0.001 Pass
C18, % 40-44 43
C20,% ≤1 0.6
C16, % 53-58 56
C14, % ≤1.0 0.5
C12, % 0 0
Conclusion: CONFORM

Product Name: Stearic Acid 1820 :

Appearance White fine bead Complies
Iodine value≤ 0.1-0.2 0.15
Sapon value 214-216 215.2
Acid value 213-215 214.3
Color(hazen)≤ 100 50
Titer,°C 55-57 56
Moisture %≤ 0.2 0.08
Inorganic %≤ 0.001 Pass
C18, % 17.743
C16,% 79.1575
C14,% 2.4257
C12,% 0.2295
C20,% 0.0431
MFT.DATE July, 20th, 2010
EXP.DATE July,20th, 2011
Conclusion: Up to the Standard for Export.

Product Name: Stearic Acid (1838)

ITEMS SPECIFICATIONS                               
Appearance White , bead type Complies     
Iodine value≤ 0.3 0.22
Sapon value 211-212.5 212.2
Acid value 210-211.5 211.1
Color(hazen)≤ 80 65
Titer,°C 54-57 55.5
Moisture %≤    0.2 0.08
Inorganic %≤ 0.001 Pass
C18, % 36-38 37
C20,% ≤1 0.5
C16, % 59-64 61
C14, % ≤2.0 1.4
C12, % ≤0.5 0.1
Conclusion: CONFORM

1.Widely used as a cold-resistant plasticizer, stabilizer, surfactant, release agent,rubber vulcanization accelerator, etc.
2. Used for the determination of water hardness, as an activator and diffuser of acidification.
3. For the preparation of soap, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other organic chemicals
4. Used as an emulsifier for oil-based drilling fluid. It can also be used as a lubricant and wetting agent in the rubber industry and textile industry.
5. Lubricant; Anti-binder; Gum sugar base agent; Defoamer and other food additives.
6. Used as a vulcanizing activator of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex, and as a raw material of plasticizer and stabilizer of plastics.
7. determine the hardness of the water. Calcium, magnesium and lithium were determined by turbidimetry. Solvent for determination of relative molecular weight. Active agent for acidification



China Yuanbig Group Limited

Location: Beijing

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About The Company

 Yuanbig  Petrochemical Trading Limited is one of the most infusive top ten representative enterprises of petrochemical industry in China. Founded in 1979, is located in the Yizhuang Economic Development Zone of Beijing City,China, is specialized in petrochemical products and fine chemical products development, production and sales for the main business of listed companies. Companies listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 1999, total of 800 million shares, now has 51 holding subsidiaries, total assets of 35.195 billion yuan, more than 12000 employees. Through more than forty years of development, the company has become China's largest plastic polymer production enterprise.

           Company is  miracle of economic development, the key lies in the six major advantage:

          The 1st is scale advantage.
          Asia's largest polyethylene production enterprises, annual output of 3 million tons of polyethylene resin.
          China's biggest polypropylene production enterprises, the annual output of 2 million tons of polyethylene.
          China's largest chlor-alkali chemical production enterprises, the annual output of 3 million tons, 1 million tons of 1 million tons of caustic soda, calcium carbide, PVC.
          The 2st is talent advantage. Company currently has bachelor degree or above personnel more than 1000, a master's degree or above personnel more than 300 people. We have their own unique talent concept, namely "respect knowledge, respect talented person is the essence of enterprise production, management, management of the power delivered to have the knowledge and ability of hands", now our company vice above bachelor degree or above in management staff accounted for 84%.

          The 3rd is technology advantage. Company is the national circular economy demonstration enterprise,with 23 subsidiaries for the high-tech enterprises, with 16 subsidiaries through the national cleaner production audit. Nearly two years, the development and implementation of more than 300 new technology and new technology, has developed more than 20 national and provincial new products, won more than 300 patents, has made more than 200 national, provincial, municipal major scientific and technological achievements, with a strong independent innovation.
          The 4th is brand advantage. The company has two well-known trademark, the four Chinese famous brand, eight inspection-free products. Enterprises have passed the quality (ISO9001), environment (ISO14001), occupational health safety (OHSAS18001) three system certification.
           The 5th is the resource advantage. "The chemical industry, resource is king". Company currently has coal, phosphate rock, salt, pyrite, mercury and other kinds of resources reserves of 5.2 billion tons.
           The 6th is cultural advantage. Company culture is the internal employees to share, and affect the enterprise internal relationship between the people of a kind of informal values and norms. In the company culture is unified values, which is based on people-oriented, the core is "seeking truth from facts, to light, the arduous struggle, to create" first-class enterprise spirit.

           During the period of "13th five-year plan", enterprises to actively implement the industrial structure adjustment, a total of 10.4 billion yuan of investment, key construction, 600000 tons of soda ash, comprehensive utilization of heavy oil, 250000 tons 250000 tons of caustic soda and PVC, such as 300000 tons of calcium chloride expansion project.

In the next few years, is a key period for the development of the company. Relying on the cnooc oil and HaiHua impurities in two resources advantage, the demonstration of the petrochemical salinization integration project planning, with a total investment of more than 100 one hundred million yuan, mainly including petrochemical product quality upgrading projects, 200000 tons/year acrylonitrile power plant 70000 tons/year MMA projects, 80000 tons/year, propylene oxide, and implementation of 250000 tons/year joint method of PVC renovation project. Project construction time of 2012 ~ 2012, built in the year after can realize sales income is 14.2 billion yuan, profit of 1.03 billion yuan.
         "14th five-year" period, the general development vision and goal is: adhere to the scientific outlook on development as guidance, actively advocate low carbon, and science and technology of green environmental protection drive concept, vigorously promote the change of the pattern of economic development, strive to implement integration of petrochemical projects, argues vigorously by the end of the 14th five-year years implementation of wanda group revenue reached 250 billion yuan, profit totaled 5 billion yuan, and build the company into China's cnooc petrochemical chemical industry integration of the north the largest and most competitive characteristic chemical industry base, to promote the company strive to realize "secondary across".

         “Minor progresses forward, enormous successes ahead ”, Company is determined to actualize its target “Drive into the top 100 enterprises of China and build a 100-year-old corporation ”.


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