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Red Meat Slaughterhouse and Processing Plants

Today, the world's cattle assets have reached 1.3 billion heads, sheep assets 1.2 billion, and goat assets approximately 1 billion heads. Although the demand for meat varies in different countries around the world, it is constantly increasing. The most important part of this growing meat business is slaughterhouses and advanced meat processing facilities where meats are prepared for industrial use.

Having carried out important R & D studies and educational works in the field of red meat, Cantek provides service above world standards and suitable for halal slaughter at all stages of the road where the animal leaves the paddock and comes to the table as a valuable food. In this context, it carries out the production of slaughterhouse equipment and advanced meat processing systems and turnkey installations of slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities.

Cantek has implemented modern slaughterhouse and meat processing plant projects that set an example in many regions of the world and contribute greatly to the development of the region. With cattle and ovine slaughterhouses developed in the most appropriate qualities for the user's expectations; It offers modern, technological, environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for the correct processing of red meat. In addition, Cantek adds great efficiency to the business with its cooling technology that saves energy up to 71% and minimizes wastage in meat.

Offering the most appropriate technological infrastructure to maximize the quality and market value of meat, Cantek provides the following services with its expert engineering staff and powerful production facilities:

  • Paddock systems
  • Slaughterhouse equipment and advanced meat processing systems
  • Cooling, freezing and frozen product storage systems
  • Animal tipping cabin, blood drying systems, etc. complementary equipment
  • Hygiene, lighting and so on. equipment in the fields
  • Floor, wall, ceiling hygienic coating and insulation applications
  • Cantek for infrastructure, superstructure, steel and reinforced concrete structure, electricity, roads and all kinds of civil works; It offers projecting, production, assembly, service, warranty and remote monitoring services from a single source. While performing the highest quality standards in this whole process; It always prioritizes animal welfare, worker safety, ergonomic working conditions, productivity, longevity, environmental awareness and hygiene. It directs the sector by developing innovative solutions in these areas.



Cantek Mühendislik Tasarım A.Ş.

Location: Antalya

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About The Company


CANTEK is food storage and processing specialist for 29 years, in 62 countries, with more than 13.000 projects completed successfully. We produce with high technology and quality all the equipments (40.000m2 production area) and realize turnkey cold storage and slaughterhouse / meat processing (red meat, poultry, fish) projects worldwide.

We are offering complete solutions including project developing, production of all equipments, facility installation, service, warranty, remote controlling and managing systems. In addition, we provide saving in energy consumption up to %71.

We think that it is a right for all humanity to reach healthy, economic, various and sustainable food. That is why, our corporate philosophy is to develop innovative solutions to provide food security.

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