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Ancient Greek texts contain many chapters on tenes. What is interesting in these texts is the sweet quarrels between the Romans and the Greeks in taking possession of the rent. In one of these, the Roman Larensis - who hardly knows who he is - says, "You Greeks are putting a lot of things into your property without question." “You baptize and name them as if you discovered them. Whereas, when the Roman General Lucullus - the famous Roman, T.Ş., the known ancestor of these gourmets - conquered Mitridates and Tigranes, he took the tree of this fruit from a city called Kerasus (Giresun) in Pontus and brought it to Rome. As noted by our Roman historians, he named the tree and its fruit after the city, calling it 'kerasos'.

Cherry and its benefits


The Latin for cherry is 'Prunus avium'. Its Turkish, Avium plum! This kind of wild plum is considered the ancestor of all cherries.


Historians say that Prunus avium was a fruit known to our ancestors, who were promoted to agriculture and animal husbandry, from trying to survive by gathering plants and fruits day and night in a wild environment and hunting animals.


It is from the Cherry Gülgiller family; It is a kind of tree or shrub, whose homeland is Asia, with a flat bark. It usually blooms before leafing. Its fruit is fleshy and single seeded.


Cherry It is diuretic. It helps to remove the harmful substances that accumulate in the kidneys. It relieves constipation. It helps to cleanse the blood. Nikris is beneficial in rheumatism, arteriosclerosis and joint calcification. It is good for liver swelling. It restores the bile flow to normal. It prevents acne. Quenches thirst. Their peels cut off diarrhea. It reduces fever. Its flowers soften the chest and relieve cough


Medical Effects and Usage Cherry tree bark, leaves, flowers and fruit stems have beneficial effects on the body. We can list these medical effects and the ways to benefit from them as follows:

  • Its peel is hardening and antipyretic. For this, the bark of the trunk or branches of the tree is peeled, boiled, decoction is made and drunk.
  • Its leaves are purgative. The infusion prepared by brewing the leaves immersed in boiling water is drunk.
  • Its flowers soften the chest and relieve cough. For this, the flowers of the tree are immersed in boiling water and infused. For this, 15-20 grams of cherry blossoms should be boiled in a liter of water for 15 minutes. The most effective and important part of the cherry tree medicinally is the fruit stems. If the fruits of the cherry and even the cherry (Cerasus vulgaris) are eaten while the stems are not thrown away and dried in a shady and airy place, a natural medicine with the following medicinal effects is obtained.
  • Fruit stems of cherries or cherries are diuretic.
  • It cleans the kidneys and urinary tract.
  • It regulates the water balance of the body due to some minerals it contains.
  • It relieves constipation.


To achieve these effects, 2-3 teaspoons of dried cherries or cherry stems are taken and placed in 1 glass of water and heated to boiling point. Then the fire is reduced and heating is continued for another 10-15 minutes. Thus, one glass of the decoction obtained is drunk three times a day.

Feradis cherry orchards

Estimated harvest calendar

Heavens, gardens

Feradis; was established in 2007 to operate in the field of modern fruit growing.

Feradis, which has adopted the philosophy of "Always be better than yesterday" as a principle with its use of technology and modern business management, provides quality service to its customers with its cold storage and packaging facility and produces healthy fruit for healthy generations within the framework of Good Agricultural Practices and Global GAP.

Our Mission

To be a pioneer company in its field by increasing quality, efficiency and product variety in accordance with the developing market conditions, to grow in efficiency and profitability by making smart investments. This mission;

bullet By producing a variety of products in line with the demands of the market,

bullet Having all the technological equipment required for efficient and quality production,

bullet By creating maximum added value with production and post-production processes,

bullet As a preferred supplier by the prestigious customers of the sector,

bullet By producing and documenting in accordance with national and international standards,





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Eski Yunan metinlerinde kiraza ilişkin birçok bölüm bulunur. Bu metinlerde ilginç olan Romalılarla Yunanlılar arasında kiraza sahip çıkmadaki tatlı münakaşalar. Bunlardan birinde Romalı Larensis, -ki kim olduğunu bilen pek yok-, “Siz Yunanlılar birçok şeyi sorgusuz sualsiz mülkiyetinize geçirmektesiniz,” diyor. “Onları sanki siz keşfetmişsiniz gibi vaftiz ediyor, ad veriyorsunuz. Oysa Romalı General Lucullus -şu gurmelerin bilinen atası olan ünlü Romalı, T. Ş.- Mitridates ve Tigranes’i fethettiğinde, Pontus’daki Kerasus (Giresun) adlı bir kentten bu meyvenin ağacını alıp Roma’ya getirdi. Romalı tarihçilerimizin de kaydettiği gibi, ağaca ve meyvesine bu kentin adını vererek ‘kerasos‘ dedi.”

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