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Karaali | Akoruç Export


karaali tarım


Karaali & Ak-Oruç Companies was founded by the same owners at 1992 in Hatay city Those companies are processing fresh fruits and vegatables comply with the conditions of requested by countries

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Our facilities are; In Hatay city, 2.000 mt² cold storage of 10.000 mt² coverage area, In Manisa city, 3.000 mt² cold storage of 7.000 mt² coverage area, In Muğla city, 2.000 mt² cold storage of 3.200 mt² coverage area and In Antalya fruit market area number 615 and 638 packhouse facilities total 500 mt² coverage area. We process our own goods by newest machines in our own facilities.

we export 20.000 tons of citrus, 15.000 tons of tomato, 15.000 tons of grape, 5.000 tons of pomegranate, 3.000 tons of cherry and 10.000 tons of some other fruit and vegetables each year. Ps: Karaali&Akoruc companies are collective companies

We pride ourselves on working with leading Food Service companies. We also recognize the needs of the food service industry and its distributors. We follow the highest Food Safety and Traceability procedures to ensure the quality of your products. For more information about our quality standards and certificates, you can review our Food Safety page.


Our Quality Certificates and Certificates

As Karaali and Akoruç export, we care about quality standards and food safety. You can review our quality certificates.


Karaali | Akoruç Export karaali agriculture

Karaali age has begun to fruit and vegetable exports in 1992. Turkey's fruit and vegetables has become one of the leading companies in the sector.

Our company operates in a closed area of 10.000 m2 in Hatay, 6.000 m2 in Manisa (Alaşehir), 3.000 m2 in Fethiye with a packaging facility and cold storage rooms.

Our company has a total export capacity of 60000 to 70000 tons of citrus fruits, 15000 tons of tomatoes, 15000 tons of grapes, 5000 tons of pomegranates, 3000 tons of cherries and 10000 other fruits and vegetables, mainly to Russia and the Middle East.

Our Food Safety Policy


karaali tarım


We are committed to the highest standards applicable to food safety. From the beginning to the end of the operation, Food safety is the focus of every employee. Our customers have to trust that their food is safe and healthy. We make every effort to maximize freshness, maintain sanitary conditions, maintain the cold chain and maximize safety. That's why we keep detailed logs and tracking records, plus we use multiple security protocols and applications.

The main components of our Effective Food Safety Program include: Proactive approach to issues Prevention-based Multi-layer defense systems The fight to control, prevent, eliminate or reduce microorganism contamination, biochemical changes and physical hazards is waged non-stop and simultaneously on many fronts. Required iso22000 inspections from all manufacturers Careful inspection and high standards before accepting product delivery thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all products using as an antimicrobial additive in processing water iso22000: 500 food safety program Laboratory for testing and analysis Professional Quality Assurance experts Third performed by international market inspectors party control



Karaali Sentetik Dokuma San. Tic. ve İth. İhr. Ltd. Şti.

Location: hatay

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About The Company

Rusya,Belarus, Ukrayna,Polanya,Romanya,Irak, Dubai, Katar, İsrail, Hong-, Avrupa, Ukrayna,  Dubai, Katar, İsrail-BAU- Türkiye, 1994, beri, faaliyet göstermekte olan şirketimiz, özellikle narenciye, sert çekirdekliler, üzüm, nar, domates, kabak, salatalık gibi ürünler Hong Kong ve Çin'e ihraç eden aktif bir şirkettir.

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