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kids socks

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About us

Our company was established as ERSA TEXTILE CORAP ve GIDA SAN. LTD. STI İN 1999. ERSA TEXTILE has bees operating in an area of 1300 square meter.

The capacity of ERSA TEXTİLE is 300.000 pairs per month. ERSA TEXTILE is the manufacturer of socks which are man, woman, baby, technical socks and tights.

. ERSA TEXTILE is producing socks by using the highest quality row material and by having regard to foot health and comfort according to customer requirements.

ERSA TEXTILE is providing active service to customers according to the acceptable export standards such as production, packaging, toe sewing, ware house and management departments.

The purpose of ERSA TEXTILE is the reach to people foot in the shortest time as much as possible.


Ersa Tekstil Çorap Ve Gıda San.DışŞti


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