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Briman Kimya LTD supplies the following catalysts from the largest manufacturers in Europe and the Far East at competitive prices on a container basis. Please contact us for technical information. The products are constantly in stock.

About us

Briman Chemical Products Production and Consultancy Industry, which brings together Chemistry and Innovative ideas and serves its customers with the principle of quality and continuity. ve Tic. Ltd Şti was established in Aksaray. Our company, which is active in rigid polyol applications such as Sandwich Panel, two-component and one-component polyurethane Spray in the polyurethane sector, also produces aromatic-based polyester polyols with high fire resistance. Under the consultancy activity, our company also provides services such as the establishment of production infrastructure, purchase, installation and commissioning of sandwich panel lines with polyester polyol and polyol formulations suitable for every sector. Our company, which offers solutions to companies with specific formulations made in BRİMAN Laboratories, is the closest solution partner of its customers with the services it provides before and after sales. We are currently working on many projects in line with sectoral development. In addition to official institutions such as TÜBİTAK, our company is in close cooperation with universities and institutes abroad, especially in Germany. BRİMAN LTD ŞTİ. It is always the assurance of quality, innovation and continuity in the polyurethane industry.


BRİMAN KİMYASAL ÜRÜNLER ÜRETİMİ SAN ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone Erenler OSB District, Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No: 5/1 Taşpınar Town 68220 AKSARAY / TURKEY

+90 382 502 05 65

+90 382 502 05 65



Location: AKSARAY

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About The Company

Tüm rigid polyurethane uygulamaları için hammadde üretimi ve tedarikinde aktif durumdayız.

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