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Kapasiteli Hidrojen Arıtma Ünitesi 350nm3 / ISO / Marka yeni

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Product Description

  • Fujian, China
  • Zxdh2 Manufacturing
  • 99.9%-99.999%
  • 2-1000 Nm3/H
  • Long Service Life
  • Energy Saving
  • <-70 ℃
  • ISO9001,ISO45001,ISO14001
  • 20-35 Bar
  • Energy & Mining
  • PLC
  • PLC+ Touch Screen + Fully Automatic + Unattended
  • Video Technical Support, Online Support, Field Maintenance And Repair Service

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Product Detail

Hydrogen production plant by water electrolysis

share water one hydrogen and 1/2 Oxygen under the action of DC power, it strictly follows Faradads law.
Hydrogen production equipment based on this technology mainly includes:
* Electrolyser: hydrogen and oxygen generator
* Auxiliary equipment Frame: Gas-Liquid separation system
* Correction Transformer + Rectifier: DC Power Supply Unit
* PLC Control Panel: Automatic control unit
* Feed water &amp; Lye Making System: Including Lye Tank, Feed Water Tank, Lye Making Pump, this unit is used to make electrolyte solution and feed water.
The total system is controlled automatically, hydrogen, oxygen are supplied under the required pressure.

Our Systems Offer:

- - Highly competitive, cost-effective Solutions: Maintenance costs are projected least modified budgets
- - Hydrogen electrolyzer reliability and first-class Guarantee levels with High Poduce
- - Installation safety in accordance with international regulations and standards
- - Simple and flexible technology Which, when Combined with intermittent renewable energy generation, ensures continuity of supply via High Storage capability
Our Electrolyzers Are Currently Generating Hydrogen from Renewable Energy for Fuel Cell Electric Buses and Cars, with some new deployments planned for the near future such as Zero Emissions Trains and Ferries in the Near Future. Green profile and more energy to develop them become Independent.


Zhongxinda has already passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

Zhongxinda Company has already passed ISO45001 Occupational Health System Certification

Zhongxinda Company has already passed ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification




Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Location: xiamen

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About The Company

Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, whose invention of the separated circulating water electrolysis hydrogen production technology is in the international advanced level. With advanced technology, excellent quality and good service in the market, we sell the products all over the world!

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