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Kamera Sistemli Çikolata Dizme Robotu

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Camera System Chocolate Lining Robot

System features

  1. Feeding the system with the product Feeding the products into the system is done by 10 different and independent conveyors. Thanks to these conveyors, 10 different types of chocolates can be lined in the same separator at the same time.

As seen in the pictures, there are 10 different feeding channels in the system.

2. Feeding empty separators or boxes to the system In standard type applications, feeding can be made automatically, but when there are various separators, the system is fed manually.

3. Sorting of chocolates into empty separators. 5 OMRON ADEPT brand scara robots are used in the system.

4. The full separators arranged are taken out of the system manually. This part can be done fully automatically when there is less variety of boxes.

5. User Program It does not require any professional or robot experience to use the system. The user loads the registered chocolate types to the system, which they will place in the relevant places, thanks to a recipe-based system.



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