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Kaçak Akım Koruma Test Cihazı

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Leakage Current Protection Tester



LV Circuit Breakers

Sigma low voltage circuit breakers are produced with 1, 3 and 4 poles from 25 A to 1600 A in accordance with TS 1058 EN 60947-2 and CE norms and are used in the protection of circuits with various load characteristics (cable, motor, lighting, generator, etc.). used. Note: If your switch is not leakage current protected, you can provide the leakage current protection (LV Circuit Breaker + Trip Coil + Leakage Current Detection Relay + Toroidal Current Transformer) combination. You can find the connection diagram of this combination in the technical specifications of the Residual Current Detection Relay.


Turkey in 1993, the Sigma electrical activity of the leading companies of electromechanical sector has begun with auto insurance production Low Voltage Protection, Measurement and control equipment field with the new project realized with each passing day continues to invest in the Turkish economy.

At Sigma Elektrik, all business processes from design to marketing are carried out under the assurance of the ISO 9001 Quality Management system, all products are produced in accordance with the relevant TSE and international standards, after testing and quality controls are sent to the customer and customer satisfaction is always at the forefront. Sigma Elektrik, which exports to 40 countries in 2013, continues to focus on automation-based production by constantly improving its production technologies in its modern production facility. Today, Sigma Elektrik produces Low Voltage Circuit Breakers, Automatic Fuses, Low Voltage Contactors, Low Voltage Current Transformers in its factory in Istanbul Sancaktepe, and produces LV switchgear, with its total quality-oriented management approach, in line with its short-medium and long-term goals. aims to be one of the leading brands of our country in its sector.


To be a leading company in the field of Low Voltage Protection Devices, which adapts rapidly to technological developments in the sector, directs change, keeps user and employee satisfaction at the highest level, preferred by domestic and foreign business partners.


Aiming to provide unconditional customer satisfaction with innovative and free product designs that comply with global trends by developing a safe and quality product structure supported by technological investments; It is among the foundations of our vision to become a leader in the domestic low voltage protection devices market and a preferred brand in the world market with its products that comply with international standards and to be among the leading companies. Corporate Values Reliability


Respect for yourself and others

Customer, employee and supplier satisfaction

Change focused on success

Working with team spirit

Constant change

Productivity, resource management and efficiency

Being principled and consistent

SIGMA ELEKTRİK SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. Ş., our main goal is to create the necessary awareness and culture regarding product quality, customer satisfaction, prevention of environmental pollution, protection of the environmental cycle and occupational health and safety in all our employees.

Our basic principles are to realize the quality that will respond to customer needs and expectations in our products, to use resources and reduce environmental pollution with all kinds of materials and methods we use in our products and production, and to prevent all occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

Our company in line with the above principles; To increase customer and employee satisfaction by identifying and monitoring the risks, opportunities and resources for the planned targets in order to achieve our goals. Continuous improvement in order to increase Quality, Environment and OHS performance with training, research and development To try to prevent environmental pollution with permanent solutions Safe for a healthy and safe working environment to use equipment and appropriate technologies to comply with Quality, Environment and OHS legal obligations

It has adopted it as a company policy.

As our management and employees, we undertake to comply with this policy.

General Manager Murat AKGÜL 05.01.2018

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About The Company


Sigma Electric, is targeting a total quality management approach focused on the short-medium and long-term objectives in line to be one of Turkey's leading brands in the electrical industry . Sigma Elektrik, one of the leading companies of the electromechanical sector, started its activities with the production of automatic insurance in 1993 and continues to invest in the Turkish economy with the new projects that it has realized day by day in the field of Low Voltage Protection, Measuring and Control Equipment.

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