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Kabuk Soyucu 35X150

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It is used to clean the dust, sand, microorganisms and the grain shell on the grain.The cleaning process is carried out by rubbing the grain against the rotor blades and sieve wire.

About us

As Ertan Group, our company has been operating under the names of "Birlesim Silo Degirmen, Bi̇r Silo brand, Power electricity, automation and production group" power electric power plant. Submitted to order.

In Kırklareli / Babaeski District, it has 3,000 m2 closed and 7,000 m2 open area, and with its new facilities, builder worker, master, technicians and engineers, and with the support of the team, we continue to carry on with the understanding of the team spirit.

The product range of our company includes grain silos transport and milling machines and flour factories, bread ovens, feed factories, pasta oil factories, etc. There is no limit in the daily demanded capacities. ) is controlled.

Production at the factories established with the machines manufactured by our company is extremely efficient. Thanks to our machines manufactured considering even the smallest detail, energy and workmanship in the factory is guaranteed to provide maximum capacity for workloads of the workload.

Exporting a large part of the products we manufacture to Europe, Asia and African countries abroad, our company has the distinct happiness of getting the country beaten.

As a reference, the leading tmo and commodity exchanges licensed warehousing government agencies use our steel silos and transport equipment, there are many companies that use our product in terms of levels, continuous leveling sensors, heat cables scanning and automation.

Contact information +90 (212) 424 17 16 Monday-Friday 09:00 -17: 00 Sefaköy Beşyol Mah. İnönü Cad. Cami Sk. No: 6 Kucukcekmece - Istanbul - Turkey


Location: Florya Beşyol

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About The Company


We have started running out businesses as a group companies of Ertan Group, As factory and the import-export company "BİRLEŞİM SİLO ENERJİ DEĞİRMEN MAKİNA TUR: TİC.LTD.ŞTİ." and the manufacturing company, We have mill plant equipments, oil factories, flour factories, bread ovens, feed factories, macaroni production equipments, grain warehouse facilities in our product range. There

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