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Kablotel Bakır Kablolar

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Kablotel Copper Cables

  • Technicial Specifications

- According to DIN 46440


Cu ETP1 wires (DIN EN 13602) Wire diameters 0.05 - 0.07 - 0.10 - 0.20 -0.30 -0.50 mm Delivery:

In cardboard, plastic or wooden reel

We offer our round twisted cables in all applications that require special demands for mechanical stability. Fully stranded prevent cables from twisting and hold them all together.

This material is well suited for connections that require motion detection.

The cross section is higher than its nominal value due to being fully braided. It is also possible to produce tinned designs according to demand and minimum order quantity.





Founded in 1964 and operating for 50 years, our company

is an integrated manufacturer of copper fittings covering the whole production process in the field.

Braided Copper Busbars, Braided Copper Tapes, Stranded Copper Cables, Flexible Stranded Cables, Screening on Cable for the energy sector


Its products are specialized in the fields of Leaf Copper Busbars, Braiding Over Hose, Air Cooled Cables, Water Cooled Cables, Special Parts Manufacturing.

Kablotel, which is certified with the international standards of ISO / TS 16949: 2009, TS EN - ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004, provides services with its expert and experienced personnel.

Kablotel offers its high quality products to the world markets at the most affordable prices due to its use of highly efficient and dynamic production methods.

Our company, which has opened to foreign markets since 2008, exports to Germany, Poland, Israel, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, Netherlands and Egypt.

makes. With its power, flexibility and experience, Kablotel looks to the future with great hope, believing that it has sufficient opportunities to get more shares from world markets.

To provide our customers with products with higher technological features and quality, which increase performance and facilitate usage, by following the needs that are constantly developing in parallel with the constantly renewed technologies and advanced industries.



To take care to know our sector, our customers, the expectations and needs of our customers better and to increase their satisfaction together with all our employees. Achieving this goal gives us pride and honor.

Our Values

Believing that our most important capital is our human resources,

To have superior business ethics, fair and honest behavior principles,

To appreciate productivity, creativity and success,

To have the determination to use initiative,

To have the power to take risks,

· To give importance to team work in business management,

· To adopt open communication methods,

To have a workplace spirit and discipline,

· To think customer-oriented.


Kablotel aims to make quality the main element of the corporate culture with a customer-oriented perspective. In this direction, "quality" is a life style for all Kablotel employees.


Our aim is to save quality from the narrow patterns of the standard approach and to create quality awareness in all employees, primarily as management, by taking culture and philosophy as the basic starting point.


To provide products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers and to deliver them on time, to ensure customer satisfaction and continuity in quality.


To increase efficiency by training existing staff, to reduce costs and to spread environmental awareness to all employees.


Being able to meet all kinds of customer demands, being reliable and continuous, pioneering in the sector that does not compromise on quality, closely following the developing technology, attaching great importance to honesty and after-sales service, planning the time well and applying a fast production system, keeping quality in the foreground, open to the outside, international becomes a Turkish company.


This policy:


To reduce costs while continuously increasing quality, productivity and creativity,

To be a business partner and always a reliable company that our customers adopt and prefer in every aspect,

To continuously improve our corporate identity and corporate culture,

To prevent mistakes before they occur, to work to ensure that the production is done correctly at the first time and continuously,

To cooperate closely with and assist our suppliers,

To make continuous improvement studies towards quality targets,

To ensure product safety, to minimize the risks to our customers and employees,

To fulfill our responsibilities to the environment and society, to produce products that comply with legal requirements,

To ensure the competence of our employees and their conscious participation in our continuous improvement,

Observing our company's profitability targets in all these studies,


We foresee the application by means of.

As required by our policy, we undertake to implement our "Management System" with all its rules.

Our Environmental Policy Our mission is to take precautions that protect the environment and human health in all our activities, products and services, from material procurement to product shipment, and to provide a safe working environment, with the ISO 14001 environmental management system, paying attention not only to business results, but also to how these results are achieved. Our goal is to minimize the negative effects and pollution to the environment and human health and to ensure occupational safety in all our activities, products and services in line with the needs and expectations of our customers and society, as well as the quality policy of Kablotel. Our Environmental Policy is basically respect for the environment and people. This policy: To continuously improve the work safety, working and environmental conditions for our employees in accordance with the ISO 14001 quality system, To fulfill the requirements of the laws and regulations related to the environment and occupational safety and customer requests, To have as less environmental impact as possible in the design and production processes of the processes To use recyclable materials and related technologies, To make continuous improvements to recycle, reuse and minimize the negative environmental effects of all kinds of materials we use, To reduce energy consumption and waste amounts in accordance with the "Kablotel Environmental Goals" in order to use natural resources in the most efficient way. , To take preventive measures to ensure occupational safety for situations that may cause environmental and work accidents, to determine the precautions to be applied in emergency situations, to raise awareness of all our employees and suppliers about the environment, worker health and occupational safety, To ensure their participation in environmental protection activities, to cooperate with our suppliers on environmental, worker health and occupational safety issues, to take into account the environmental policy of the supplier in the selection of suppliers, To cooperate with official institutions, organizations and related parties on environmental, worker health and occupational safety issues, to ensure that the public can easily reach our environmental policy, To maintain and improve our ISO 14001 environmental management system, which is supported by the necessary resources by Kablotel senior management, as a system adopted and implemented by our employees, audited within the organization, reviewed by the management, open to the public and can be monitored, and to continuously increase our performance towards the determined environmental targets of Kablotel. , we foresee the implementation.





Kablotel San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Location: İstanbul

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About The Company


1964 yılında kurulan ve 50 yıldır faaliyet gösteren firmamız, İstanbul - Kartal'da 2.000 m2'lik kapalı alanda tüm üretim sürecini kapsayan entegre bir bakır bağlantı parçaları üreticisidir.

Enerji sektörüne yönelik Örgülü Bakır Baralar, Örgülü Bakır Bantlar, Bükülü Bakır Kablolar, Esnek Bükülü Kablolar, Kablo Üzeri Ekranlama


Ürünleri, Yaprak Bakır Baralar, Hortum Üzeri Örgü, Hava Soğutmalı Kablolar, Su Soğutmalı Kablolar, Özel Parça İmalatı alanında uzmanlaşmıştır.

ISO/TS 16949:2009, TS EN - ISO 9001 : 2008 ve ISO 14001:2004 uluslararası standartları ile belgelendirilen Kablotel' de uzman ve deneyimli personelleriyle hizmet vermektedir.

Kablotel, yüksek verimli ve dinamik üretim yöntemleri kullanması nedeniyle, üstün nitelikli ürünlerini dünya pazarlarına en uygun fiyatlarla sunmaktadır.

2008 yılından itibaren yurtdışı pazarlara açılan firmamız Almanya, Polonya, İsrail, Rusya, İspanya, Macaristan, İtalya, Çek Cumhuriyeti, Avusturya, Norveç, Hollanda ve Mısır'a ihracat

yapmaktadır. Kablotel, gücü, esnekliği ve tecrübesi ile dünya pazarlarından daha fazla pay almak için yeterli imkânlara sahip olduğu inancıyla geleceğe büyük bir umutla bakmaktadır


Müşterilerimize, sürekli yenilenen teknolojiler ve ileri endüstriler paralelinde gelişen ihtiyaçları takip ederek, performansı arttıran ve kullanımı kolaylaştıran, teknolojik özellikleri ve kalitesi daha yüksek ürünler sunmaktır


Sektörümüzü, müşterilerimizi, müşterilerimizin beklentilerini ve ihtiyaçlarını daha iyi tanımaya özen göstermek ve tüm çalışanlarımızla birlikte onların memnuniyetini daha da arttırmaktır. Bu hedefe ulaşmak bize gurur ve onur verir.



· En önemli sermayemizin insan kaynaklarımız olduğuna inanmak,

· Üstün iş ahlakına, adil ve dürüst davranış ilkelerine sahip olmak,

· Verimliliği, yaratıcılığı ve başarıyı takdir etmek,

· İnisiyatif kullanma kararlılığına sahip olmak,

· Risk üstlenebilme gücüne sahip olmak,

· İş yönetiminde takım çalışmasına önem vermek,

· Açık iletişim yöntemlerini benimsemek,

· İşyeri ruhu ve disiplinine sahip olmak,

· Müşteri odaklı düşünmektir.

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