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Touch panels; Smart home system technology will be indispensable for your comfort and security

Our IP intercom touch panels are designed to be used in all kinds of areas and surfaces.

The system, which provides the most suitable solutions for all the requirements of the building systems, creates a difference in its area by combining comfort with ease.



      General Features
  • Communication with Cat 6 cable
  • POE Supported
  • Video Intercom
  • 8 Zone alarm management
  • Inter-circle voice call
  • View the last 20 missed records with images
  • Contact the apartment employee
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Calling an elevator
  • Gas cutting
  • Water Cutting
  • Electrical Cutting
  • Mobile alarm management
  • Quick access support with shortcut keys
  • Security and bulk messaging from site management
  • 7) (800 x 480) and 4) (480 x 300) resolution
  • Dimensions 7 “(250x 160x26mm) and 4” (190x130x26mm)


                Building Ringer Panel

                        Turkish speaking warning and

                         Colorful and night vision camera.
                         Card and encrypted access system.
                         Keypad keypad.
                         Video talk feature.
                         Security and conversation with the 

                         Name search list.
                         Aluminum panel that is resistant to


                         CAT6 cable infrastructure

                    Villa Ringer Panel

                               Colorful and night vision camera.
                               Card payment system.
                                Keypad keypad.
                                Video talk feature.
                                Security and conversation with

                                 the doorma

                                Panel resistant to external

                                CAT6 cable infrastructure

                      Role Kit

                                 Water cutting.
                                 Gas cutting.
                                 Electric cutting. (In case of alarm)
                                 No elevator

                 Security Console

                           Interview with all apartments.
                           Monitoring and control of building doors.
                           Video call with building

                           Receive and transmit alarm calls.
                            Leave a message to the inhabitant of

                            the apartment.

                            Desktop use.













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