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INUSAP is a 100% natural growth factor feed additive for poultry and similar animals.

As it is known, the use of antimicrobial/antibiotic effective growth factors has been banned in many countries or its use has been encouraged to be significantly reduced. For this reason, many users and manufacturers have turned to natural products with the same or better effect. Natural growth factors, which contain many benefits such as increasing feed efficiency, strengthening the digestive/immune system, increasing live weight, suppressing infections caused by pathogenic bacteria, are among today's indispensable products.


It is a very effective feed additive/premix used as a growth factor in poultry etc. INUSAP consists of a mixture of Chicory Extract, Sapindus and Quillaja herbs. (Inulin+Saponin).



▶ It is an effective prebiotic, ▶ Strengthens intestinal health and mineral metabolism, ▶ Lowers cholesterol level and reduces fat deposits, ▶ Prevents the development of harmful microbes, ▶ Supports the effectiveness and development of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, ▶ Adding prebiotics such as inulin and oligofructose to the diets of poultry increases mineral development, strengthens egg quality and reduces mortality rates.


▶ Phytosterol components, ▶ It has antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects, ▶ Strengthens the immune system, ▶ Cleans the intestines and causes healthier development of the villi in the intestine, ▶ Controls the spread of ammonia, ▶ As the surfaces of the villi develop, absorption increases and as a result, the rate of feed utilization body weight increases with


Chicory Extract, Quillaja Extract, Soapberry Extract, Colloidal Silica,


The main benefits of the saponin in it are odor and ammonia control, regulated rumen fermentation, antiprotozoal, improved nutrient absorption, improved immune system, reproductive enhancer, anti-knuckle inflammation, increase in animal performance and development, cell development, (root elongation), antioxidant, absorbent surface. enhancer, enlargement factor, increases feed efficiency, reduces ammonia odor.


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About The Company

As Rena Impex, we are manufacturer, exporter and supplier company for especially for livestock industry for long years ..we have MCP(monocalcium phosphate), DCP (dicalcium phosphate), organic acids, toxin binders, vitamin,mineral and aminoacid premixes,liver tonic , salmonella inhibitor, products for respiratory problems, products for gut health ,digestion etc ...Besides these we have eggs, pullets,zeolite,sepiolite etc .

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