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Ildız Tile Ürün Özellikleri

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Ildız Tile Product Features

Ildiz 10 years based steel ürettigi, via natural stone coated, next to the metal tile covered with sand coated non-dyed hair from ILDIZTIL has started to produce metal tiles capital of Turkey, the Turkish engineer of manufactured automatically generated by machines with design, entirely the work of Turkey a product ILDIZTILE. From now on, it is the product of a strong investment that will provide foreign currency from abroad instead of foreign exchange loss.


ILDIZTILE metal tiles are covered with min 100gr / m2 galvanized layer, 7micron primer layer, 20 micron polyester paint layer from the top and bottom. Prepainted steel sheet is pressed into a traditional tile shape and then packaged ready for sale. Steel sheet produced with hot dip galvanizing technology is 0.50 mm thick.


ILDIZTILE also has accessories produced in the same way; It provides an economical, long-lasting use and an aesthetic appearance on roofs with a slope of 10 degrees - 90 degrees in residences, business centers and industrial facilities. Information about ILDIZTILE panel and accessories is given below.


Its accessories solve all the details on the roof, allowing trouble-free roofs to be formed. Additional finishing elements matching decorative surfaces can be provided upon request. Available in a wide range of color options, ILDIZBOND tiles fit perfectly to each person's taste and environment.


Trimmer, Caka, Round-headed claw hammer, special metal tile nails etc. tools are used.

If there is no tile bottom board on the rafters, the cadres are placed on the rafters. If the tile bottom board is placed, false rafters are made on it to allow the installation of heat and water insulation materials and the frames are placed on these rafters. Thus, a grid system is created. In the meantime, if the thermal insulation is to be made on the roof, not from the bottom, the suitable material for thermal insulation is placed. A vapor balancing cover is laid over the thermal insulation. If necessary (especially in very sunny regions) ILDIZFOIL is laid and staffing starts. It is recommended that the cross section of the wood to be used in framing is 5x5.

Tiles are lined starting from the staff below the ridge of the roof. For the most beautiful appearance, start laying the tiles by leaving a row from the top line of the roof. Tiles can be stacked right to left or left to right. In the overlap, the direction of rain and wind arrival is taken into consideration. The lined tiles are nailed from the foreheads with special ILDIZTILE metal tile nails. Nailing the tiles should be started after placing a few rows down. After the panel laying process is finished, it is time to install the accessories. Accessories are in a variety that can provide suitable solutions for all details.


The steel sheet in ILDIZTILE tiles has a unique resistance to all weather conditions as a result of its coating with 3 separate layers. ILDIZTILE gives your roof complete security by using it together with heat, water insulation and vapor balancing materials. Your roof does not leak, your roof does not need to be transferred.

Metal tiles, which are interlocked longitudinally and transversely, add great strength to the roof. The panels provide optimum resistance to storm, hurricane and earthquake as they are nailed to the staff from their foreheads. Since it is steel-based, ILDIZBOND can be walked on, does not crack or break. Since it is light, it does not impose a load on buildings. It creates additional seating spaces on the roof with the steep roof design or the upright roof of the flat roof. The installation of ILDIZBOND, which has the possibility of dry (cementless) laying, is easy and fast.

To emphasize clearly the features of ILDIZTILE;

1. RELIABLE: ILDIZTILE is applied safely with Ildız's trained and experienced dealers.

2. DURABLE: Produced with hot dip galvanizing technology. It does not rust, break, crack and has a long life.

3. FIREPROOF: Its steel-based body is resistant to fire.

4. ECONOMIC: Great savings are achieved from timber, foundation and column materials, transportation, storage and transportation costs, roof laying work, loss of alternative products, overhaul and maintenance costs of the roof in the building life, and building heating and cooling costs.

5. AESTHETIC: It adapts to the environment and your taste with its wide range of colors.

6.PRATIC: It can be used on any roof with a slope of 100 - 900, it is easy to install. It is light and easy to carry.

7. PROBLEM-FREE: It has accessories that can solve all roof problems.

8. RESISTANT AGAINST EARTHQUAKE: ILDIZTILE prevents your building from being damaged by the load on the roof during earthquakes.

9. CAN BE WALKED ON: Since it is steel-based, it can be easily walked on. Does not crack or break.



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About The Company

1991 yılında Türkiye piyasasına ilk defa metal kiremiti getiren firmayız.13 yıl ithal ettikten sonra tamamen yerli ve milli teknolojiyle Türkiye'de üretime başladık.16 yıldır ,başarılı bir şekilde yurt içinde 100 adet bayi ve yurt dışında 30 adet distribütörümüzle ürünlerimizin satışını gerçekleştirmekteyiz. Ürünlerimiz ; 1) ILDIZBOND METAL KİREMİT : üzeri granül taş kaplı metal kiremit 2)ILDIZBOARD EPS ISI YALITIM PANELİ: metal kiremitle uyumludur, hem ısı yalıtımı hem de metal kiremitin üzerinde rahat yürümenizi sağlar. Detaylı bilgiye adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz

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