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İki Katlı Çikolata Kalıplama Hattı

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Two Layer Chocolate Molding Line

The cooling process performed after crystallization is one of the most important stages of chocolate production. Optimum crystal structure and cooling in a short time is INNOVAS 'area of expertise.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art cooling systems and sensors that keep the moisture balance and temperature of the system constant. It was designed with the focus on quality, high capacity and energy efficiency. Forming chocolate is the most important production step of the chocolate industry. In order to obtain the desired form, liquid chocolates must be filled into molds and then cooled very precisely. The cooling of the chocolate in accordance with the recipe is the factor that determines the taste and visual structure of the chocolate. The last step is to remove the cooled chocolate from the molds without distorting their shape. In this process, it is aimed to empty the molds completely and to make the chocolates ready without any deformation.

Process steps:

The chocolate in liquid form is filled into the molds, then it passes to the cooling tunnel after spreading to the mold by vibration. There are six separate cooling zones in the tunnel. It contains automation solutions that keep tunnel humidity and temperature values under constant control. The chocolates coming out of the tunnel come to the mold twisting unit to be removed from the mold, where the chocolates that are ready to be taken out of the mold are removed from the mold with the help of two servo-controlled robot arms that can take a precise position according to the shape of the chocolate, and left with the desired surface or mold without disturbing the order and facing the front faces. This release process has 3 different options that can be selected from the user panel. - Transfer directly onto Poly urethane tape. - Laying down the separator in line with the desired piece selection. - The plate feeding machine is activated and automatically released on the plates.

The empty molds from the system are heated to the filling temperature of the chocolate to enter the filling again, and then they are directed to the filling again. In the meantime, if desired, hazelnuts or similar materials can be added to the chocolate. An intermediate conveyor is available for this.

Chocolate, which is not cooled at a certain speed and at an appropriate temperature, cannot come out of the mold since the cocoa butter contained in it cannot be distributed equally, so a shiny and sound-making chocolate cannot be obtained. In chocolate, which is subjected to sudden temperature changes and cannot be cooled at a stable temperature, fat and sugar crystals become liquid over time and reach the surface of the chocolate. Chocolate takes a "white" appearance. Losing the regular structure of the fat crystals contained in chocolate causes the fat crystals to become oxidized over time and this causes the sensory properties of the chocolate to deteriorate.

Designed as a double-storey, COOLTERM conveys the cold air to the lower and upper parts of the chocolate simultaneously, unlike the existing tunnels. The air stream never comes into direct contact with the chocolate. Thanks to the air dryers integrated into the system, the moisture level of the chocolate remains constant and microbial deterioration caused by high humidity levels is prevented. At the same time, thanks to high and sensitive temperature and humidity control, the sensory properties of chocolate such as color, taste and odor reach high qualities and the shelf life of the chocolate is increased by preventing microbial spoilage.


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