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Hydorgen Gas Purification

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Technical Detail

Hydrogen Production(m3/h)


Oxygen Production(m3/h)


Hydrogen Purity(V/V)


Oxygen Purity(V/V)


Operating load


Working Pressure(MPa)


Hydrogen Moisture Content(g/m3)


Hydrogen Alkalinity(mg/m3)


Working Temperature(℃)


Cooling water flow(m3/h)


DC power consumption(kW·h/m3H2)


External dimension of electrolyzer L×W×H (mm)


Electrolyzer Weight(kg)


Alkali concentration

30% KOH

Circulation quantity of alkali liquor(m3/h)


Koh consumption (normal operation)(kg/unit)



Product Advantages

◊ Ultra Pure Gas:

Ultra pure (99.999%) gas generation with continuous purity monitoring increases equipment life,

saving considerable maintenance and replacement costs.

◊  Proven Reliability:

Durable stainless steel process components maximize system life. Demonstrated life span of 25+ years.

◊ Comprehensive Installation:

Every BJ CEI  hydrogen generator system is fully assembled and skid-mounted for trouble-free shipping

and simple installation.

◊  Fully Tested:

Each unit thoroughly factory-tested to meet national standards and exceed industry codes.

◊  On Demand Gas Delivery:

     - Pressure up to 3.2 Mpa

     - Maximum flow delivery ranges from 2 m3/h to 600 m3/h

     - Higher flow delivery ranges available to meet your specific hydrogen requirements

◊  Custom Engineered Design: 

Custom-engineered hydrogen generating solutions available for optimum integration with existing plant infrastructure. 

◊  Professional Maintenance and Promotion of old Chinese-made hydrogen generators

Good reference and experienced in maintenance and promotion of old Chinese-made hydrogen generators.

◊  Safe, Unattended Operation:

    - Fully automatic operation with on-board diagnostics

    - Minimal on-board gases and no sparking components

    - Redundancy control system design

- Remote monitoring and operation option


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Best Service

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support.

* Technical proposal support.

* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.

* Engineers can come to repair the hydrogen production units


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Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Location: 32D floor,Guomao building,Hubin South Road,Siming District,Xiamen City,Fujian Province,China

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About The Company

Zhongxinda is committed to the full ecological coverage of hydrogen energy. We can independently complete the design, on-site installation, commissioning, start-up and operation, maintenance,
overhaul and technical upgrading of the whole hydrogen generation and supply station,
and provide timely and effective after-sales service.

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