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Hostazym X 50 mikrogranül

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Definition of

Enzyme in microgranular form for poultry diets containing more than 40% wheat.


It contains 1,500,000 EPU / kg of endo-1,4-beta-xyrinase as enzyme activity.

Mode of Effect

Increases absorption by breaking down difficult to digest polysaccharides (NSP) that are not in starch structure in feed raw materials.


• It is the only enzyme produced by "solid phase surface fermentation" technology. • A higher amount of enzyme activity is obtained thanks to its special production technology. • Its fermentation period is short and its resistance to heat is high. • Provides improvement in performance factors such as body weight gain and feed conversion rate. • Increases meat and egg quality. • It prevents watery and sticky stool. • It provides a healthier intestinal flora. • Allows more uniform herd breeding.

Usage and Dosage

Add 50 grams per ton feed for broilers, 35 grams for layers and turkeys

Packaging shape

In 25 kg bags.

ANC hayvan beslenmesi ve sağlığı hizmetleri a.ş.

Location: Istanbul

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