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Hindistan Cevizi Kaplama Makinesi

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Coconut Coating Machine

Innovas, by offering innovative solutions to problems in the food industry. It develops products for research on product diversity and taste enhancement in the food sector.

How the system works

When the product to be coated with particles has passed through the necessary processes and becomes covered, the particle is directed to the coater. The dense amount of particles and intense vibration in the particle coater ensures that the product is covered homogeneously without any deformation. Particles are transported to the coating module of the system untouched by the continuous feeding system.

Particles and Products That Can Be Coated

Products such as chocolate, wafer, soft candy, and Turkish delight can be coated with particles such as coconut, sugar, processed colored candies, hazelnuts, peanuts, rice cakes.

Distinctive features

- Particle flow rate on the conveyor belt can be adjusted. This feature is adjusted according to the product type and size.

- Depending on the amount of coating, the frequency of vibration can be increased, resulting in desired efficiency.


Hanlin Sakarya district Satso Caddesi, No: 13 Arifiye / Sakarya / TURKEY Tel / Fax: 0264 346 04 74



Location: Sakarya

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About The Company

Company Description

We offer system solutions in your mind

Innovas, the experienced and specialized structure, advanced software applications, technological infrastructure and innovative systems developed by rigging the production business processes to meet emerging needs, we offer solutions that will increase production speed and efficiency.
  • Property, manufacturing or assembly processes used in the design of all electronic and mechanical systems and manufacturing.
  • Modular conveyors.
  • We produce custom design and manufacturing.
  • Cruise control and PLC applications.
  • After-sales support.

We care our customers

Through delivering innovative products system design, consultancy and manufacturing, we beliave we can help our customers and add value to their products which leads to enhance earning potential, increasing production speed and efficency in profits. We focus on understand to our customer’s environments before choosing and developing the most suitable technologies, providing special and specific solutions to help them achieve their business outcomes

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