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High quality low price Yokogawa AAM51 S1

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Cambia Automation:

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Cambia Limited is major in below products.

We are always online to offer you thoughtful customers service.


➭PLC : Allen Bradley, GE FANUC , Schneider

➭DCS : ABB , Siemens MOORE , Foxboro , Westinghouse , YOKOGAWA

➭ESD : Triconex , HIMA , Bently Nevada 3500/22 , ICS Triplex T8461


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1. lower your support costs

2. Provide on-going availability of automation replacement parts  

3. Promptly reply you within 24 hours

4. Fast delivery time

5. 100% quality assurance, 1-YEAR WARRANTY

6. Best services, reasonable price

7. Have been in the line for many years,has a good reputation.



●If you're excited, just contact us

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Tixie Tin▷Skype:+86-135 9950 7613◁

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●Other brands

ICS TRIPLEX ABB Bently Nevada Honeywell
T8461C 07KT92 3500/42 MC-PD1X02
T8480 07KT92 GJR5250500R0902 3500/40M17644901 MC-PDOX02
T8480C 07KT92 GJR5250500R0262 3500/40M MC-TAIH04
T9110 07KT97 WT97 3500/25 149369-01 MC-TAIH14
T9402 07KT97 WT97 GJR5253000R4270 3500/33 149986-01 MC-TAMR03
T9432 07KT94 GJR5252100R3261 3500/32M14998602 MC-TAOY22
T9451 07KT97 WT97 GJR5253000R0270 3500/25 125792-01 MC-TAOY25
P0917MF Triconex 3708E IC200ALG240 AIP502
P0922AE Triconex 4000098-510 IC695ALG626 PW401
P0916CC Triconex 4000093-310 IC693PCM301 AAR145-S00 S1
P0903CV Triconex 4000094-310 IC693CMM302 ADV159-P01 S1
P0903CW Triconex 4000103-510 IC697CMM742 CP451-10
FBMSVH Triconex 4000093-320 IC693PWR322 AAB841-S00 S2
NCNI P0972PP Triconex 3000510-180 IC693CPU364 AAI841-H00



ADM11-S3 AAT145-S00 NP1*C VM2*D
SSB401-13 ADV151-P03 CNB-I5 ST3*D
SB401-10 ADV151-P00 CNB-IIA AD5*D
AAI143-S00 AAR181-S00 ST2*D NM6*D
AAI543-S00 AAP135-S00 FC1*C ST4*D
ADV159-P00 ADV551-P00 RC1*A NC2*C
PW482-10 AAR145-S00 MS31*A MAC2*C
ADM52C ADM52C/CE1 S2 CP451-10 CTL4*B ST3*A
DP97-B VI701 M110*A JA-751
RS81-B AIP502 S1 PNL4*A AAI543-H00
CP99A-A AIP532 S1 MS32*A AAI543-H50
IP91-A CP461 MS08*B VF701-S2
FC81-A AAM11 ALU4*D EC401-10
NM29*A SB301 NCU4*A AMN11-S1
SIF2*A AIP571/S1 FCA4*B ACM11-S2
GD10*A AIP571/S2 VM1*B AMN32 S1
MS05*B AIP171/S2 MAC2*A ADM12C
MDK2-S1 PW502/S1 MX6*A CP461-50
MDK1*B YNT512D-Q12 PAC*A CP451-11
MIF4*A AAM11-S2 LCA*C CP701/S1

Cambia Automation Limited

Location: China Xiamen

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About The Company

Cambia Automation Limited is a worldwide supplier of automation parts, based in Xiamen Fujian,CN. Products we sell include Allen Bradley, Bently Nevada, ICS TRIPLEX, and ABB,etc.We specialize in supplying hard to find and obsolete products. was started in order to provide customers with high quality products at a low price, that are easy to order and shipped quickly. We strive to meet your needs as fast as possible and have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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