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Hebeschiebe (Hebeşibe) Sliding System

Providing low energy consumption, design and economy, hebeschiebe (Hebeşibe) lift-sliding doors offer special solutions for the comfort of your home.

Let's say you are about to decide on construction and renovation of your building. For low energy consumption, design, comfort, good heat insulation, you will not only make the right decision with Luka Door Lift-Sliding Doors, but also take an excellent step for yourself and your living space.

Lifting Sliding Doors are an important design that brings gardens, terraces and balconies closer to nature.

Luka Door Paving Sliding Door Systems offer a variety of colors and designs, while being organized for different spaces in different sizes, considering the finest details.

Sliding System Lift Sliding System, your home and workplaces opening to the terrace, balcony and garden doors; It allows you to cover it in a stylish and practical way by using the largest glass surface, integrating it with the outside environment without blocking your view.

The Sliding Systems, which provide a wide and spacious view to the interior spaces while connecting the interior space with the external space, provide both sound and heat insulation in spaces such as balcony and terrace.

With the Lift Sliding System, which has high sealing and insulation values (EN 13115, EN 1026, EN 1027, EN 12211), you will be protected from the weather conditions in the outside environment while providing visual and spaciousness to your living space, and you will experience the comfort of the transparent wall formed in your living space.

While saving elegance and space, it allows you to open the glass-surface compartment with a single hand movement without any effort.

Depending on the width of the area to be used, it consists of fixed and moving parts, while it can be applied in 2-3-4 pieces with all wings moving. With its lath structure that allows all kinds of glass applications, decorative coating options and the price opportunity it provides compared to other aluminum systems, Hebeschiebe stands out as a good option every day in architectural projects.

Hebeschiebe (Hebeşibe) Advantages

High durability with large support sheets High durability and use of weldable corner joints Inclined groove in the frame profile for easy cleaning More security with protected slot for locks High Definition Finishing surface (HDF): a high quality, stylish, extremely smooth structure, easy to maintain Structure Recyclable and environmentally friendly Easy movement of the wing with the creative car technique A quieter sliding movement Wings for ventilation purposes Ability to open and slide the entire wing from a small gap and can also be lowered at any desired point Reduced torque in turning the handle (necessary turning force) Large and heavy wings High protection against theft With interlocking system and robust equipment, additional safety equipment if requested

Hebeschiebe (Hebeşibe) Usage

Building entrance sections in terms of energy Luxurious new buildings and energy-saving houses Single-leaf house doors opening to the inside or outside (can also be supplied with fixed side parts) Double-wing house doors opening in and out, house doors with top lighting Many different models of house door constructions

Hebeschiebe (Hebeşibe) Design

Coloring with decorative foil, paint or aluminum cover, thus a wide range of composition possibilities Light gray gaskets on white profiles that add emphasis Stylish appearance thanks to 20 ° inclinations


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