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HAF-412 SALLY 33 Lt.

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Aluzinc Interior Capacity 33 Lt
Collapsible Handle
Rotisserie Function
Adjustable Thermostat 50-320 °C
90 min. Mechanical Timer with Automatic Shut Off and Ring
Stainless Chrome Nickel Grill Grid
Long-Life Stainless Resistance
Electrostatic Paint Surface
Enamelled Tray
Red Indicator Light on when Cooking in Process
Excellent Heat and Electric Isolation
Heat and Impact resistant Glass
Easy to clean Inside
Power 1500 W
Voltage 220 - 240 V ~ AC
Frequance 50 - 60 Hz
GrossWeight: 9 kg

Additional Options
Turbo Fan
Enamel Inside
Double (Safety) Glass
Interior Lamp

Technical Information

Prodcuct Code: HAF-412 Rotisserie
Weight: 9
Units/Pack: 1
Volume: 0.075
Dimension: 495x325x286

About Us

Harlem Group Company

Harlem Group, which was founded in 1972 and the company’s head office in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our company started its activities on are of home appliances and kitchen equipment and then it continues import
and export in sectors such as electrical ovens, heating and cooling system along with abroad stores.

All these products are producing the name of ’’HARLEM’’ logo of trust in international markets.

We have branches in Bucharest, Romania and Shymkent, Kazakhstan and stores in : Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Georgia, Greece, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Moldovia, Nigeria, Slovenia, Tajikistan and also it makes import-export and transit trade to over 20 countries.

Harlem Group Works with many items and large quantities stocks.
As a result of this we provide high quality, fast and a reliable trade.
As for the vision of our company is to be leading and reliable trademark of trading markets
in national and international platforms considering satisfaction of customers.

Our motto is high quality, competitive price, service with continuous innovation.



Location: ISTANBUL

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