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Günaydin Black Tea

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Product Number: 678

Weight: 800 g

Pieces in Box: 10

Boxes / Pallets :42

Carton / Row Number: 7

Number of Row / Pallets: 6

Product Barcode: 4012625530592

About Us

MARMARA was found by Engineer Hüseyin Kuru who had received an honourable service medal from the Turkish president Demirel, marking him as a special citizen of extra ordinary dedication. Hüseyin Kuru constructed MARMARA in 1980. His aim was to bring the Turkish population in Germany top quality, full variety Turkish products. Today, the MARMARA Group has developed into a commercial enterprise of European dimensions – with more than 200 employees at 4 sites.

In addition to the company headquarters in Ratingen, the business also operates in Düsseldorf, Hannover and Frankfurt. The head office and central warehouse in Ratingen alone cover total floor space of over 15,000 square metres.

In addition to its own range of products, the MARMARA Group also offers leading, popular products from the Turkish food industry. The MARMARA Group is also the exclusive distribution partner in Europe for major Turkish companies such as SÜTAŞ, AROMA, YUDUM, LOKMAS and EVYAP (Arko & Duru).

As well as the large assortment of dry goods, which includes over 2,000 products, MARMARA is also a highly reliable supplier of fruit and vegetables. In Düsseldorf, Hannover and Frankfurt the companies of the MARMARA Group are represented at the respective wholesale markets with their complete product range.

The MARMARA Group's optimally structured distribution operation and excellent logistics facilitate the reliable supply of all Central European countries. The Group's distribution network is expanding constantly; in addition to Germany, currently it is also covering France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Eastern European countries.

Contact Us

Marmara Import-Export GmbH

Headquarters and Logistics Center
Sandstr. 23
40878 Ratingen

Phone : +49 (0) 2102 20 44 400
Telefax : +49 (0) 2102 20 44 399
E-Mail :

(Wholesaler Market)
Ulmenstr. 275
40468 Düsseldorf

Phone : +49 (0) 211 471 360
Telefax : +49 (0) 211 419 893

Authorized Court: Düsseldorf
Commercial Register No: 15769 / 06.1980
Tax No: 147 / 5848 / 1942

USt-Ident-Nr.: DE 119368410
General manager: Dipl. –Ing. Hüseyin KURU / Tülin ABACI



Location: EGE

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About The Company

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