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grinding fluid filtration equipment

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Polishing machine sewage discharge treatment: various types of polishing machines are widely used, especially in metal or non-metal parts such as hardware, stamping parts, die castings, etc., batch deburring, deburring, sharp edge chamfering, rounding, surface grinding, tool marks removal, processing lines removal, surface dressing, oxide film removal, black film removal, floating rust removal, etc. It has the advantages of high process efficiency, high quality and low cost. Due to the limitation of polishing process, polishing machine always produces more or less polishing waste water. If the grinding and polishing waste water is directly discharged without proper treatment, it will have a serious impact on the environment, and at the same time, enterprises will face huge legal risks in environmental protection. It is very expensive to collect the grinding waste water and entrust it to a professional waste water treatment plant for treatment, and the production may be affected by the quota restriction. Although the short-term investment is a little large, the long-term cost is low and easy to use.
But the common sewage treatment equipment, often has the characteristics of large volume, large area, expensive equipment, design sewage treatment flow and so on. However, the waste water discharged by the polishing machine of the grinder is usually the waste water with relatively small flow, large solid particles in the waste water, fine and uniform solid particles in suspension. The small flow rate of grinding waste water makes the waste water treatment equipment unable to work at the best flow rate, so the treatment effect is discounted; the ordinary waste water treatment equipment is large in volume, covers a large area, and its location is restricted by many factors, so it is difficult to be installed near the waste water source of polishing machine of grinding machine; there are many solid particles in the grinding waste water, and the distance to the waste water treatment equipment is usually far (ordinary waste water treatment) It is difficult to place the equipment nearby due to its large volume and large area. The problems of blockage and failure of sewage pipelines and valves often occur.
The Grinding wastewater treatment centrifuge is a professional environmental protection water treatment equipment specially developed according to the characteristics of wastewater discharge in the working process of grinding machine polishing machine. This series of special wastewater treatment machine for grinding machine can separate the solid particles in the wastewater discharged by grinding machine with high speed and high efficiency, retain the composition of abrasive and gloss in water, and greatly reduce the use cost through recycling To eliminate the problem of sewage discharge in the grinding process.

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Polishing and grinding wastewater treatment centrifuge

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RJ Dewaterintel Environment Co.,Ltd founded in 2015, it is a company dedicated to environmental pollution control industry, specializing in the full treatment of organic waste (food and kitchen waste, sludge, livestock and poultry manure, Chinese medicine, etc.) including planning, core equipment R&D, design, engineering construction EPC general contracting and operation maintenance, and the main production equipment includes screw press dehydrator, solid liquid separator, kitchen waste separator, air floatation machine, chemical dosing machine and pump etc.

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