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Leksan Panels

A graphic overlay may be the first thing your customer or end user sees when interacting with your product. It must be durable, attractive, and functional.

Thanks to our graphic overlay printing expertise, Stil Elektronik , can manufacture your custom graphic overlay in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to ensure durability. In fact, with sub-surface graphics, printing is done on the inside of the overlay, so your overlay’s graphics won’t degrade from use or cleaning.

Graphic Overlay Materials: Polycarbonate vs. Polyester

Stil Elektronik , offers a variety of overlay materials with thickness ranging from 7 mil to 30 mil. Selecting the graphic overlay material depends on the end user application and the environment in which it will be used, including exposure to sunlight and chemicals. Cost is also a consideration. Polycarbonate and polyester are the most commonly used materials for graphic overlays.


 Polycarbonate overlays

Also known as PETG or Lexan, polycarbonate overlays are easy to die cut, print, and texture. However, they may show signs of wear after 100,000 actuations. If the environment is subject to chemicals, a hard coat should be used for protection. Polycarbonate overlays are optically clear at any thickness and provide a crisper emboss. Polycarbonate is lower in cost than polyester. Most users prefer the look of polycarbonate overlays versus polyester.

Polyester (PET) graphic overlays  

This material is thinner and more resilient. It shows no sign of wear after 1,000,000 actuations. It also has superior resistance to chemicals and harsh environments. Polyester is more expensive than polycarbonate. (This material is perfect for industrial and military graphic overlays.)

 Control panel overlays

Graphic overlays are a vital part of any modern control component for human-machine interface. Also called “operator interface panels,” a wide variety of industries use control panel overlays. A few examples include:

• Manufacturing and industrial machinery
• Construction equipment
• Service equipment such as elevator controls
• HVAC and refrigeration equipment
• Transportation and marine
• Military

Clearly, every control panel overlay must be custom designed to allow an operator to accomplish a specific task. This means attention to detail and intuitive graphics are critical factors to create a long-lasting graphic overlay that delivers a solid user-interface experience. At Design Mark, our core competence is designing, engineering, and manufacturing custom graphic overlays to meet the unique interface needs for your product – and for your users.

Our Corporate Profile

Stil Elektronik, founded as a small-sized enterprise in Sirinevler - İstanbul in 1993, became the leading company of the market today in Organized Industrial Zone of Ikitelli by developing rapidly with its latest technological equipment pool, experienced staff, eco-friendly raw materials, as a result of continous self-development, following the latest technologies closely, sense of high quality and costumer-focused business ethic.

The major factor which lead the company to its successful point today is the managerial staff, consists of the specialists who brought "the membrane switch technology" to Turkey after taking hands-on trainings in Europe.

Technologic, ecologic and economic differentiations created by Stil Elektronik are the determining factors of the growth of the company. Our company exhibits its difference in the  market by perpetual R&D activities, visual and structural presentation of the products, diversifying production and usage of eco-friendly raw materials.

The product range of Stil Elektronik competes with the world's leading brands and thus the company became able to satisfy all kind of  demands and requirements of domestic market.

Stil Elektronik Baskı İth. İhr. Oto. San. ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Location: İstanbul

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About The Company

We are producing Resistive and Capacitive Membrane Switches , Graphic Overlay , Resistive Touch Panels , Backlighted Membrane Keypads and Backlighted Graphic Overlay in our manufacturing facility since 1997 with low cost and high quality policy !

We are a manufacturer who is aware of what must be essental in the membrane keypads you use. We are exporting more then 7 first class countries in the world. ( Usa , Canada , Germany , Switzerland etc. )

For information about facility area , products and other subjects about us please check our website that is declared below.
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