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Giyotin Cam

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Guillotine Glass

Guillotine glass is produced specially in accordance with projects and it is a useful glass system that can be used in many areas. One of the most recently developed automatic window systems, the guillotine glass is motorized and the working style of this glass module is the automation system. In this system, the windows in the triple side rail channels move vertically. The up and down movement of the windows is provided by the imported Zentax belt, the suspension hoops and the motor. With this reinforced movement system, a proportional movement ability is provided to the glasses. In fact, the most crucial point of this glass system is the fixed glass that is in the first place of the system. Other movable glasses are pulled on this fixed glass and therefore, when the system is open, the glasses act as handrails and form a guillotine glass. This enormous system is very simple to use. You can learn and apply the use of the product within minutes.

What is Guillotine Glass?

If we start from the beginning and give information to people who have no knowledge about these glass systems, let's start with the answer to the question of what is guillotine glass. Have you ever seen glass panels that can be opened fully automatically and opened vertically? These panels are exactly called guillotine glass. The glasses in this system can be kept at the desired level by the user. Again, at the request of the user, the glass modules in the system can be adapted to the system as one plus one, one plus two or one plus three. In all options, insulation will be provided under professional conditions. Along with these possibilities, the optional excess of the product makes this product a good opportunity for those who want to manage the purchased product at every stage.

One of the Remote Controlled Glass Systems ...

Another feature of the product is that it is one of the remote controlled glass systems. Therefore, you can easily use this important glass system only with the help of a remote control. While producing guillotine glass, all details were considered by the manufacturer. The appearance and design of the product has been created with great effort, and the maintenance and assembly processes of this product, which is the result, are also considered with all the details. This product, which is specially produced for environments, has the opportunity to be easy to use as well as easy to install ... The assembly of the product can be carried out easily and quickly, just like its use. The engine and system mechanics in the product are enclosed in a box and protected by this box. The intervention cover on the guillotine glass makes service maintenance work extremely easy.

Stylish Design

If the name of the product were not guillotine glass system, it would probably be a stylish design glass system because the design of the product was given as much attention as its features. In addition to a flawless use, the product offers you a flawless and magnificent appearance. The product can be among the systems that are noteworthy even by its design. However, the fact that the product is a type of guillotine glass may naturally bring you a question mark about the frequently encountered glass opening. Clamp profiles used in the product are prevented from opening between glass. At the same time, thanks to the sealed seam profiles used, an intense water and sound insulation is provided in the product. You will be able to provide a serious insulation with this product in terms of both water and sound.

Telescopic Glass System

The inorma motorized glass system preferred in this product, also known as telescopic glass system, has a rich and detailed content… Again, this rich content was supported by the engine in question with a stylish and aesthetic appearance. With these features, the product becomes very different from its counterparts. Guillotine glass, one of the best quality glass systems ever produced, will carry you to a new world on its own. It will be the most effective insulation methods to be offered against all weather conditions in the product. Thanks to these methods, cold times of winter and hot and muggy times of summer will not be a problem for you. In addition, we must say that the products are produced with various safety features. Movable handrail glass systems supported with these safety features will never cause any problems.

Movable Handrail System

Guillotine glass systems are also known as movable handrail system. The system has three different names in total. One of the most valuable aspects of the product is that it can be designed according to the needs and applied easily. Thanks to this feature, you can use the movable handrail system only where you need it, only as much as you need. The model and design you want is applied in the conditions you want, wherever you want, and the product is delivered to you with all kinds of details. With the help of the remote control that will be given to you, you can use the product in the most effective way and get the greatest support from the product. The movable handrail system would like to support you in every way and offer various assistance. It is up to you to use the remote control only to benefit from this product.

Stainless Profiles…

Specially designed stainless profiles are used in guillotine glass, which is one of the insulated glass systems. Making the product stainless with the help of specially designed profiles ensures a long life of the product. The steel carriers used in the guillotine glass system are 100% safe. The system has been developed at the highest level of safety thanks to alternative glass systems. It already gives confidence to everyone in terms of product design and stance. The usage areas of this product, which is developed with various and technological equipment, also vary in terms of its equipment. As the product is used wherever desired, there are some places where the product is frequently preferred. You can choose this system that can be used in any environment wherever you want, but if you use this product in one of the places listed below, it will be possible to get more efficiency ...

There Are Many Uses

Windows take the first place in the list of usage places of guillotine glass, which has many uses. In addition to windows, it is possible to benefit from this special glass system in your room divisions. One of the most important places where guillotine glasses are used is the shop windows. If you want to have an attractive and exclusive storefront and focus your customers' attention on your products, you will need guillotine glass systems. Cafes and restaurants and balconies known as French balconies are also the places where this system is used the most. You can also benefit from this system in windbreakers or poolside. Pergola awnings, winter gardens, roof terraces and balconies, automatic glass railing… Places like these are among the places where guillotine glass is used the most. Apart from these places, you can effectively benefit from these glass systems in places where you want to provide insulation and insulation. It will be enough to inform the relevant places that you want to benefit from this specially designed and applied system and get support for the production of a project. You can use guillotine glass systems wherever you want and use these systems in many places.


Comes With Different Glass Options

also comes with different options again. If you prefer this system, you can choose the glass that will work best for you among four or five different options. Laminated glass consisting of 5 + 5 mm in total, 10 mm in total, laminated tempered glass with a total of 20 mm, double glazed applications with a total of 12 mm or bulletproof glass are some glass models that you can use in this system. You can increase the amount of insulation and insulation with the glass type you will use in this system, which provides a natural insulation and insulation with a maximum opening of five meters. In this direction, if you care about insulation and insulation, you should make your choice by considering the glass types. You should know that these choices will increase the insulation and the degree of insulation.

Benefits of Guillotine Glass

Actually, it does not end with counting, but we need to share with you on certain points. First of all, the most important point of this system is the thermal insulation to be provided. By having a guillotine glass system installed, you can increase the heat insulation in the desired environment. The way to provide a high level of thermal insulation is through guillotine glass systems. With advanced quality insulating glass profile options, the rate of thermal insulation increases as you cannot imagine. High level sound insulation is again provided in the system. The sound insulation provided by the product is approximately sixty percent as a percentage. Necessary precautions have been taken against the wind in this glass system, which also fulfills the wind protection function. Necessary measures have been taken for all other adverse weather conditions. Among the benefits of guillotine glass is the provision of an uninterrupted panorama. Thanks to the vertical and special design, the panorama is never interrupted. You can also use the product automatically. Thus, you save time by operating the product with time adjustment. One of the most important features of the system is its ventilation feature. You can ventilate your space despite all kinds of adverse weather.

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