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Fruity Turkish Delight

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Lavinya Fruity Turkish Delight
Undoubtedly, Turkish delight is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Turkish dessert. The Turkish delight that we Lavinya manufacture is a healthy snack for consumers. While it is presented to the whole world from Turkey, it is largely separated from other confectionery with the many reliability certificates it has received.


Lavinya Turkish Delight Manufacturing and Exporting Ltd.

Location: İstanbul

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About The Company

Our passion at Lavinya Delights is to cook the best Lokum in Turkey with a simple recipe of sugar, water, and starch, which has proven to be one of the best tastes and textures in confectionery for more than two centuries.

With all the natural flavorings and savors from all around the world, we cook a wide variety of lokum. We cook Rose Delight when roses are harvested in Isparta; we cook “Apple Delight” throughout the year when apples are harvested all around Turkey. When the summer comes, it's berries, and when the winter comes, it's oranges and lemons.

Our “Double Roasted Delight” lokums are merely vessels for bringing you the top quality pistachios and hazelnuts in amounts you won’t find anywhere else.

Our dedication to traditional recipes and European manufacturing etiquette has blossomed to become the premium Lokum of Turkey.

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