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Fruit Flavored Uht Milk

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Fruit Flavored Uht Milk



Enka Fruit Flavored Milk is not only the favorite beverage of children, but also the favorite beverage of adults with its rich vitamin content. Enka Fruit Flavored Milk has three types, namely: cacao, strawberry and banana. Enka Fruit Flavored Milk, which combines all health-wise benefits of milk with delicious taste, is an important protein and calcium source and an irreplaceable element of lunch boxes with its practical, delicious and nutritious properties.

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Enka Süt, which has contributed an added value to Turkish food sector by producing whey powder and its derivatives, cheese and yoghurt powder, and cream and butter powder for the first time in Turkey, satisfies approximately 70% of the need in the market of whey powder products. Enka Süt’s industrial products are the first choice of food companies in over 20 countries all around the world.




Specialists recommend drinking two glasses of milk every day, which has a vital importance in strengthening eye health, bone and teeth development and immune system as well as regulating neural and digestive system.


Our national diary product, yoghurt, which the most known fermented product that has been known for almost 5000 years, is a nutrient willingly consumed for its properties such as nutritive value, digestibility, protectiveness against diseases and remedial effect.



Cheese, which has always been one of the products in wide production range of Enka Süt since it was established, is offered to consumers following certain processes such as filtration, pasteurization, yeasting with cheese yeast, settling, pressing, portion, salt-curing, packaging and maturing after acceptance of milk.


Butter, which is an irreplaceable flavor of Turkish cuisine, is one of the most consumed food product thanks to its naturalness and splendid taste. Enka’s traditional butter is an irreplaceable flavor both for your meals and breakfasts.

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Enka’s breakfast products, which are duly produced, are automatically packed with an untouched thermoform packaging system and delivered to the consumers in a large variety of products.


You will not get enough of the unique taste of various spectacular fruits in different colors, when you drink ENKA Fruit Juice. Fruit juice, which has been an irreplaceable drink throughout the history, is a different product range of ENKA in addition to dairy products. Besides all its health-wise benefits, fruit juice makes us feel good as a refresher. Using modern technology in terms of both production and packaging stages of production, Enka offers its products as secure food and drinks in five juice categories: Cherry, Apricot, Orange, Peach and Mixed Fruit Juice. The best and most delicious fruits of the summer and winter seasons will fill your glasses with Enka’s assured high quality that you trust during all seasons.



Enka Süt Ürünleri Sanayi Tic.A.Ş.

Location: Hacı Yusuf Mescit Mahallesi Pazarcık Sokak No:1 (Adana Çevre Yolu Sedirler Çıkışı) 42030 Karatay / KONYA

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About The Company

About Us

Fresh milk which forms raw material of Enka Dairy products;
is collected twice a day, in the morning and evening, from over 15.000 producers operating at Central Anatolia and Mediterranean regions and collected milk is transported to collection centers without delay after collected milk undergo examination by veterinaries. Enka Milk, Collected milk is cooled to +4°C within very short time and transferred to tankers with thermal control in order to transport to factory, and milk is converted into products within 24 hours following treatment.

Enka Süt, using world class technology throughout manufacturing process,
manufactures all products at facilities ensuring hygienic infrastructure, according to HACCP norms and within context of established cleanliness and disinfection procedures under healthy conditions without human touch and it also keeps each critical point under control in order to avoid dangers. Today, 250 points within factory are sampled for hygiene controls and those samples are subjected to microbiological analysis. Before products are launched to market, a sample is obtained from all products for both microbiologic and chemical analysis, and, end products are delivered to market following end controls. Product packaging materials are also analyzed and materials with adequate quality are used for this purpose.

Enka Süt strictly adheres to the principle of natural food for its product and all stages of production is supervised by food engineers and milk technologist starting from collection of milk and no additive is used. Consequently, our Company offers fresh, clean and high quality products with natural taste, which is particularly appreciated by Turkish society.

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