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What is Photocell Door?

Photocell doors are formed by photocell system and photocell thanks to photoresistors.

Photoresistors or LDRs (lightdependentresistors) are resistors whose value varies according to the light environment. (Photocell with common folk expression) LDRs are usually made of cadmium sulfide (CdS), a resistor whose value changes according to the light intensity it is exposed to. The lower the light intensity, the higher the resistance value. The value of 100 kW in the dark may drop to 10 kW in daylight.

This sensor is very sensitive to visible light. The color sensitivity of CDS photoresistors is very similar to the human eye. The sensor perceives black, colors, shaded area, light changes more or less like a human eye. It is used in photocell door works.

This element is very easy to interface with the analogical input of a control card. A resistor connected in series with the LDR is sufficient. A voltage is output between both elements. Thus, we obtain a voltage divider bridge whose value varies with light. With this circuit, we have the opportunity to convert resistance variations into voltage variations. With simple transistor circuits, these different signals can be processed by operational amplifiers. The resistor connected in series to the LDR, being an adjustable variable resistor, helps us in setting the photoresist sensitivity.

To improve the operation of this sensor, protect it from stray rays, we can place the LDR in a small black tube. Thus, the sensor will be more directive. It will only perceive the light directed directly on it. One of the works done by the photocell method is the photocell door. Nowadays, the photocell door impresses with its easy to use and stylish design. The photocell door, which has become a part of the modularity in our cities, has started to be used in every area and stands out especially in terms of aesthetics.

Thanks to the photocell door, which has a sensing feature, it is possible to save heat energy in winter days, as well as the photocell door, which serves as an attendant in the sense that the air conditioner can work effectively on summer days.


Electronic control unit and door movements work by being supported by the software software system. The mechanism is designed and manufactured in such a way that it works without any noise and vibration. In line with the parameters given in the first installation phase, the system is memorized with the encoder and adds the changed parameters to its memory, ensuring optimum operation. (such as opening, closing, slowing down, limit switch, etc .. settings)


It is an electronic control device designed in a structure that the user can easily use, can choose the digitally designed door control system, can be locked with a password to prevent it from being used by others, and informs DOOR FAULTS with light and symbol LEDs. In addition, HIGH-TECH has a system that enables the door opening and closing speeds, stopping distances, all potentiometer settings, switch settings without opening the mechanism cover.



1. Activating internal and external radar (double-sided traffic flow at the door)

2. Cancellation of internal or external radar (one-sided traffic flow at the door)

3.Radars are completely canceled (traffic is not allowed at the gate)

4. The door can be left completely open

5. The door can be locked at night

6. Ability to take it to the pharmacy position (the position where the door can be opened 10cm)

7.Winter position (half-opening feature of the door)


In case of power outages, 2 options are available in line with the customer's request.

a-) If desired, the door will not open when the power is cut

b-) If desired, the door opens and remains open when the power is cut

In addition, when the power goes out, the door can be manually opened and closed very easily.


It is the position where the door is not opened to people passing in front of automatic doors that are very close to the passage corridors. In this position, the door opens slightly and closes again. When there is movement towards the direct radar, the door opens completely.


If there is heavy traffic at the door, when the door enters the opening and closing process, it automatically increases the closing process each time it receives a signal and waits more for each signal. This situation disappears when the traffic returns to normal and the door is completely closed and the door returns to its normal settings.


Our mechanism can be connected to a panic alarm (fire, etc.) system. If the panic alarm connection is made, the door opens and stays open as soon as the alarm is given. In addition, the function of keeping the door fully open can be activated via the digital indicator button.


In the LABEL Break - Out (panic exit) system, with the automatic door operating as normal sliding doors, hitting the door wings (fixed and mobile wings) in panic situations, the wings open 90 ° outwards, leaving a complete free space for emergency exit. Therefore, it provides great convenience in human evacuation.


Power Transmission: 90 Waat (German Motor - DUNKER MOTOREN)

Max. Door Weight: 100 kg / 1 Wing - 75 Kg / 2 wings

Opening Speed: Adjustable speed, 0.70 mt / sec. For every wing

Closing Speed: Adjustable speed, 0.50 mt / sec. For every wing

Deceleration Speed: Max. adjustable from speed to 0 speed

Working Energy: 220 Volt

Limit Switch: Encoder controlled

Security System: Encoder controlled

Counter Force Response: Encoder returns in a controlled manner

Working Type: 100% - Continuous working

Wheels: 3 Wheel system, specially designed wear-free material

(2 bottom 60mm diameter + 1 top 35mm diameter)

Carrier Mechanism: Extruded aluminum, balanced wheel bed


Mechanism Height: 8 cm

Mechanism Cover Height: 12 cm

Mechanism Depth: 15 cm


The height of our mechanism system is 8 cm, and a special bearing system made of polyethylene was created in the space on the mechanism rail where the wings are hung, and a single piece of aluminum rail suitable for the wheel form was placed on it. The rail system operating on the existing bed enables the door to operate very quietly, and as a result of the abrasion that may occur on the rail (as in other automatic doors), instead of replacing the complete mechanism, only the rail part can be changed. This system minimizes the risk of high service cost.

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