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Formi NDF

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Definition of

It is a unique product produced with a patented technology consisting of the combination of "Formic Acid" and "Sodium Diformat". This composition improves intestinal hygiene by guaranteeing the effectiveness of Formi NDF in the entire poultry intestine.


Formic acid, diformate, sodium

Mode of Effect

Formic acid, which is in the structure of sodium diphomate, easily penetrates the cell wall of gram negative bacteria (Salmonella, E.coli etc.). Formic acid, which enters the cytoplasm of bacteria, primarily dissociates into hydrogen ions and lowers intracellular pH, on the other hand, it disrupts DNA synthesis by penetrating into cell DNA.


Target Species

Doz (kg / ton yem)


 1 - 3

Laying Chicken

 1 - 3


 1 - 3


 1 - 3

Packaging shape

In 25 kg bags.

ANC hayvan beslenmesi ve sağlığı hizmetleri a.ş.

Location: Istanbul

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About The Company

Türkiye'nin ilk hayvancılık marketi

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