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Fish Feed

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Samples are chosen randomly from the whole container. In laboratory, physical tests are run before the chemical analyzes (such as; color, smell, image, blur, inclusions, residue, etc.). For solid raw materials, moisture, raw protein, raw fat, raw cellulose, raw ash, phosphor, calcium, digestible protein, aflatoxin analysis, free-fat acidity analyses, and for liquid matters (fats); free-fat acidity, peroxide count, iodine count, and moisture analyses are done in order to check if the upcoming raw material is appropriate for the quality standards. If so, purchase is approved otherwise raw material is rejected.

Besides, in every process in manufacturing, physical (such as; color, smell, image, pellet hardness and pellet radius) and chemical controls are consistently applied, during the production process quality control is provided and production quality is idendified with the help of laboratory tests.
Products after sale are constantly checked, customer needs are followed and a logistical service is given to the customers in product delivery.

Quality control in feed is achieved with the charactheristics of product from raw materials selection processing to criteria between the production stages of feed and final product storing.

In the beginning of the production process, raw materials are taken into dosing silos by the vertical and horizontal transporting lines. Rations were analyzed in raw materials, content and technical staff is prepared according to the needs of the fish entered the production computer. Under the supervision of the computer, entered amount of materials is taken to dosing weigher from silos. Weighed and dosed raw materials are run into combination – granulation – elimination processes and transported to above the extrudes top silos. Drive, which belongs to the producing feed, is taken to the extruder machine by our specialized staff.

Dry water vapor, water and fat are supplemented from the extruder conditioner in order to assist cooking and shaping. With this process product turns into pallet from dust form. Dried feeds are taken from dryer to vacuum fatting unit after elimination. After fatted with fish fat in the vacuum fatting unit, feeds are taken into cooler, and then into product silos by the vertical and horizontal transporting lines. Samples from product silos are sent to laboratory. Production is made untouched by human hands with full automation control. Analyzed feeds are packaged and stored in product silos. The whole production process is effectuated untouched and controlled automation.




Location: MUĞLA

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AKUAKARE-Aguaculture Ltd , aimed to provide services, know-how and aquipmens to aquaculture activities. It is our essential mission to submit solutions for beter productivities which are accepted world wide. In line with our principle we are proud of with the systems and equıpments that we improved, projected and manifactured. The most of hte cages in Turkey are manifactured and installed by us which proves our success.

Our clients prefer us because we meet their quality level, low cost and good after sale service.

The AKUAKARE keeps it’s leadership in the market with it’s products which meet the developing technology and the demand of the client, high quality services and with their partners and working personel.


Tel Emek Mah. No:86 Milas - MUGLA / TURKEY

+90 252 513 6437

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