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Firuze Bedroom Set

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About Us

With years of experience, we try to produce the demands of the furniture sector we are in with the awareness of customer satisfaction and product quality. we have adopted the principle of observing the interests of the customer in follow-up and after-sales service. Every passing day, with new technology, every new project has strengthened our experience in the furniture industry and as a result, we have reinforced our self-confidence. Now, in line with the conditions of our time, we reach our customers over the internet. Our vision is to become Turkey's leading consumer-oriented companies in the furniture industry. To be a production center by offering our services in the most appropriate way to customer needs and expectations.

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phone +90 532 525 25 38
Address   Güzelburç Mh. Yunus Emre Cd. KSS
No: 6 / 1 Hatay / ANTAKYA


phone +90 530 025 23 20
Address  Masko Mobilyacılar Sitesi No: 12 / A
A Blok No: 13 Başakşehir / İSTANBUL



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About The Company

Year of the request from the experience in the furniture industry we are in, we try to meet customer satisfaction and product quality awareness. I Various design, the manufacture and installation, to ensure that the customer experience since its inception, have been making all kinds of work in selecting the most appropriate combination of furniture and wood design. follow-up until the moment of delivery of products and after-sales service from the beginning of the project we have committed to respect the interests of customers.

Each oldies, any new technology, every new project, our experience in the furniture industry has been strengthened and reinforced our confidence in ourselves as a result. Now we reach the first requirements of the owners over the Internet in accordance with the terms of our time ... Vision Furniture Industry in Turkey's leading consumer-focused company to be. Needs and expectations of our customers by offering optimal services Machinery Industry leader and become the production center.

Our values, our way of realizing our basic mission is as important as the mission itself. Our core values that will lead to success in our company are our employees: our power source. Our aim is to improve their ability to recognize opportunities and happiness through the development of our employees. Each area will ensure their participation "Teamwork" is our principle to perform n. Products and Services: are the result of the effort we make. If you liked how our products and services by our customers, is our value will increase.

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