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About the Company

About the Company

41 years full of truths

Doğrular Ev Ürünleri A.Ş., which started its activities in 1979, completed its investment activities in a short time and started production in Konya-Meram facilities.

Dogrular, which makes production by keeping customer satisfaction and quality understanding at the forefront, has become an international brand used by millions of families at home and abroad in a short time.

It serves all customers by expanding its sales and after-sales service network in Turkey and abroad with its Konya Center and Istanbul Branch Office.

Dogrular, which exports 60% of its annual production to Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and the Russian Federation, has established representative offices in many countries.

Doğrular has an understanding that is not satisfied with its position and always aims to take further steps and makes great investments to achieve its goals.

In 2005, in the factory established in Konya Organized Industrial Zone on a closed area of 26.000 m² and 45.000 m² open area, the state-of-the-art machinery park with superior technology increases its quality one more time with its R&D design, planning, mechanic and mold production departments and approaches its targets step by step.

Doğrular aims to serve you for many more years by combining its long years of experience with the support and criticism it has received from you.

Human Resources

It is our basic human resources policy to effectively manage our human resources by implementing innovative human resources systems that will enable our company to keep the organizational structures dynamic in line with the strategic plans and objectives and to keep the satisfaction of our employees at the highest level.

To apply to our company, you can upload your CV here or send it to our address

The world of technology and science is in a constant development and change with its new and technological inventions presented to humanity with its changing and developing face every day. Our country's ability to produce technology is one of the biggest factors that make us strong in our competition with other countries.

Regular studies to obtain new information that will enable the development of science and technology or to produce new materials, products and tools with existing information, to create new systems, processes and services or to improve existing ones are defined as Research and Development, or R&D for short.

R&D covers the creative works performed on a systematic basis in order to increase the knowledge of individuals, society and culture and to lead to new applications.

Doğrular Ev Ürünleri, Perilla, perilla, perilla ev ürünleri

Science and knowledge are at the heart of argument. This includes idea, thought, effort, time, observation and experiment. R&D is a unit that contributes in many points from the entry of the raw material to the factory to the use of the final product by the buyer.

In this context, the truths have adopted that arginine constitutes an important unit in an enterprise and have become making their investments and supports accordingly. Being able to compete with companies serving in the same sector is becoming increasingly difficult with conscious consumers and increasing standards. Launching more different, more technological, more ergonomic products is closely related to arginine's structure that is open to development and improvement.

In truth, this is achieved by arginine, especially by marketing and its cooperation with other units. Marketers take into account the satisfaction, wishes and complaints of the consumers about the product they use, and the ideas created after a general pulse check lead to the creation of very different products by R&D.

Lines; As the machine, mold and equipment are made within its own structure, the machine and mold design according to the determined product is based on the skill of arginine. The efficiency of the machine, its power saving, its effect on quality, its applicability to manufacture, its speed and automation are evaluated by R&D. After the necessary drawings are made, production begins. Or improvements are made on the existing machine.