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EW-55 Yalıtımlı Kapı ve Pencere Sistemi

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EW-55 Insulated Door and Window System

EW-55 is a 3-chamber door and window system designed in consideration of the new EN (Euro Norm) norms. The outstanding feature of the system is the pressure balancing principle at the frame-wing junction. According to this principle, a thousand fuse is not used in the outer chamber, and the water discharge is facilitated by equalizing the pressure of the outer chamber and the outer air environment. Thanks to the specially designed gasket with "double touch" feature in the middle part, the heat insulation and impermeability has been raised to the top level. Uw: 1.87 W / m2K (Window Heat Conduction Performance) Acoustic Performance: Rw (C, Ctr) ≤ 39 (-1; -3) dB, (Depends on glass thickness) Water Permeability: Class ≥ 9A (EN 12208) Air Impermeability: Class 4 (EN 12207) Wind Load Resistance: C2-C5 (EN 12210) System Depth (Wing): 55mm -64mm Thermal Insulation Barrier Size: 20mm-14.8mm Applicable Glass Thickness: 4mm - 32mm Also economical and easy to apply The wing profile designed for PVC window mechanisms (double axis, pulling sliding, folding system) is included in the system. Especially in buildings, it is the ideal solution with heat insulation for entrance doors. Easier application of mechanisms such as lock, bolt, hinge and flush-overlapping design are its prominent features. Threshold solutions, inward and outward opening feature, compatibility with the registry and frame of the window system make the system more functional. Considering the system different customer services; It is aesthetically enriched with flat, oval and hidden wing designs.


2.71 W / m2K (System Heat Conduction Performance)




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