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ENTEK C6691/24

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Min. Order: 111 Case/Cases
Packagingoriginal packing


ENTEK C6691/24 (USA)



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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:original packing factory sealed
Delivery Detail:Shipped in 3-5 days after payment


Shipping Detail
1) For the in stock items, we will send the order out within 3 days after receive the payment.
2) We can shipping all over the world via DHL,UPS,Fedex and EMS. The packaging is very strong.

If you have any special needs, please notify me.
3) You are expected to receive the item about 7 days after we send out.

1.100% New Original Factory Sealed
2.Best price
3.Fast Delivery
4.Large in stock



Email :  |  Tel : 86-18030235311 



Application field

1.DCS Control System of Power Plant

2.Manufacture of Intelligent Flat Tempering Furnace System

3.PLC programmable conveying control system

4.DCS Distributed Control System

5.Intelligent Fire Water Supply Control System

6.Computer Control System for Chemical Liquid Constant Flow of Chemical Plant

7.Electrical Control System

8.papermaking, printing and dyeing production line, substation integrated automation control system


Hot Selling model number:

3603E 1B30035H01 3500/95
3706A 1C31110G03 125744-02
4351B 1C31113G05 125744-01
AI3351 1C31116G01 135031-01
DI3301 1C31116G02 125768-01
AI6700 1C31122G01 125760-01
PM6310A 1C31125G01 140734-07 3500/77M
ICM6211 1C31125G02 3500/32M
MP6004 1C31142G01 176449-02 3500/42M
DI6503 1C31147G01 136711-01
T8151 1C31150G01 330780-90-00
T8151B 1C31166G01 330878-50-00
T8311 1C31169G02 330730-040-00-00
T8403 1C31179G02 330854-040-24-05
T8431 1C31181G02 330103-00-05-50-02-00
T8423 1C31189G01 106M1081-01
T3420A 1C31192G01 125720-02

Email :  |  Tel : 86-18030235311




Amikong DCS

Location: XIAMEN

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