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EMERSON CON041 PR6423/000-131

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Contact : Jessica ( Sales Manager )

Email :

Wechat : hu18030235311

Skype : jessica01235483

Mobile / WhatsApp : 86-18030235311



Brand : Emerson

Country of origin : USA

Shipping port: Xiamen

Shipment : EMS,DHL,UPS & FEDEX and so on

Payment : We can accept T/T

Supply Ability : 30 Unit/Units per Month

Price : The more you order ,the lower price you will get

Delivery : In stock,within 3 days send the products


Condition : Customer Service

Warranty : Warranty one year

Price : 24 hours by email

Packing : New in original package



(We are spare parts specialists in industrial automation)

Inventory: A large number of new and discontinued parts with a wide range of

brand names;

Economic Benefits: Competitive Prices and Specific Distributor Discounts;

Reliability: Each product is tested and guaranteed for at least 12 months;

Speed: Rapid response, efficient delivery;

Professional: Solid business organization, well-trained engineers;

International: Global network of partners and preferred suppliers.


[ Email :  |  Tel : 86-18030235311]


Amikon’s Advantages

Rockwell Allen-Bradley:

1) ControlLogix 1756 series controller

2) CompactLogix 1769 series controller

3) SLC 500 1747 1746 Series Controller

4) PLC-5 1771 1785 series controller5)

5) ProSoft :MVI69/PS69/MVI56/MVI94/


6) ICS TRIPLEX trusted system



1) AC800M series controller I/O module

2) AC800F series controller module

3) AC31 series controller module

4) 800xA series modules

5) Bailey INFI 90 module

6) DSQC robot module spare parts

7) Advant OCS system spare parts

8) H&B Freelance


General Electric GE :

1) IS200/DS200 series Excitation system card

2) IC693/IC695/IC697/IC698/IC200/IC660/IC670 CPU

module,Communication module, Analog Digital module
... ...



Mobile : 86-18030235311


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Amikong DCS

Location: XIAMEN

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The company was founded in 2001, has 19 years of foreign trade sales experience.We have the best products and the sweetest price. If you need, please contact us by.

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