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Apple; (Malus domehstica) is a cultivated fruit species from the rosaceae (Rosaceae) family.

It is known that its name, known as "alma" in Old Turkish, comes from "al" (red), which is the color of the fruit.

It is believed that the apple first appeared in Northern Anatolia, the Southern Caucasus, the regions in the southwest of Russia and around Central Asia (east of Kazakhstan).

The species spread all over the world from Central Asia.

Apple and its benefits


It has a very high nutritional value. It is estimated that 1000 different apple varieties have been produced through cultural studies throughout history.


Apple; It is a fruit that provides the most benefit in all kinds of diseases in the human body. Vitamins A and C are quite abundant. It should be eaten raw with its peel. The vitamin C that an apple carries is equivalent to a person's daily vitamin C requirement.


It strengthens the nerves and muscles. It has a calming effect on body and mind fatigue. A comfortable sleep can be provided with an apple eaten before going to bed. It is refreshing.


Apple; cleans the blood. It helps the body in removing toxins. It stimulates the digestive system. It is the only fruit that facilitates digestion thanks to the bicarbonate ions in its composition. It is especially good for rheumatism, liver and kidney patients, those with atherosclerosis, obesity, hemorrhoids, eczema and skin diseases. It prevents atherosclerosis by lowering cholesterol in the blood.


Apple; It is diuretic, activates the kidneys, expels the fatigue substance urea acid accumulated in the body with the abundant urine, and dissolves the kidney stone over time.

It is also useful in digestive tracts. It facilitates digestion by activating the glands in the mouth and stomach. It kills germs in the mouth. It protects against ulcers and gastritis by easing the stomach lining and quickly removes these ailments, if any. It kills harmful bacteria in the intestines and has a preventive effect on cancer formation.


It removes the stiffness, prevents the gas in the intestines, provides normal discharge. It is especially useful for the elderly. If they eat an apple with its peel at night, it gives good sleep and helps to cure stomach ailments.


In severe cough, a thinly sliced apple should be boiled in a liter of water and drink hot like tea. Apple compote lowers the fever of patients, cuts thirst, cools them. For mouth odors, a little bit of parsley should be chewed first, then an apple should be chewed thoroughly in the mouth and swallowed.

Ecological features


It can withstand temperatures of -35 ° C. Does not like dry and hot. The soil should be loamy, loamy-sandy, at least 1 m deep. Ground water should not be closer than 1 m. Does not like stony and calcareous soil.

Feradis apple orchards

Estimated harvest calendar



our vision

bullet To continue the development and growth of modern fruit production and to become one of Europe's leading producers.

bullet In agriculture; To use the resources of our country in the most efficient way with technology, Good Agricultural Practices and teamwork.

bullet To be honest and trustworthy to our customers and suppliers.

bullet To adopt our corporate identity understanding to all our employees, to ensure its continuity by keeping the professional ethics at the highest values.

bullet To protect and guarantee human health by using high technology and producing within the framework of hygiene rules.

bullet To make the best use of natural resources and to protect the environment.

Feradis; was established in 2007 to operate in the field of modern fruit growing.

Feradis, which has adopted the philosophy of "Always be better than yesterday" as a principle with its use of technology and modern business management, provides quality service to its customers with its cold storage and packaging facility and produces healthy fruit for healthy generations within the framework of Good Agricultural Practices and Global GAP.



Location: İSTANBUL

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Eski Yunan metinlerinde kiraza ilişkin birçok bölüm bulunur. Bu metinlerde ilginç olan Romalılarla Yunanlılar arasında kiraza sahip çıkmadaki tatlı münakaşalar. Bunlardan birinde Romalı Larensis, -ki kim olduğunu bilen pek yok-, “Siz Yunanlılar birçok şeyi sorgusuz sualsiz mülkiyetinize geçirmektesiniz,” diyor. “Onları sanki siz keşfetmişsiniz gibi vaftiz ediyor, ad veriyorsunuz. Oysa Romalı General Lucullus -şu gurmelerin bilinen atası olan ünlü Romalı, T. Ş.- Mitridates ve Tigranes’i fethettiğinde, Pontus’daki Kerasus (Giresun) adlı bir kentten bu meyvenin ağacını alıp Roma’ya getirdi. Romalı tarihçilerimizin de kaydettiği gibi, ağaca ve meyvesine bu kentin adını vererek ‘kerasos‘ dedi.”

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