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Expert Casting; About Production ...

  • Our products are commissioned as soon as possible with integrated processes, mass production is carried out in the fastest way and delivered as you wish in a flexible structure.
  • With our production management system that supports our "one to one" approach, both your low-quantity parts and multi-numbered parts can be produced with the same flexibility and your needs can be met.
  • In our all-in-one facility, all your needs are met at once and the resulting savings, efficiency and added value are reflected in our customers.

Leveling Sandblasting

Expert Casting; About Leveling Sandblasting ...

  • In our company, after casting the aluminum casting parts are made ready for sanding and fine sanding machines in order to correct the cut areas after the runner and feeder are cut, and also to remove the burrs.

  • It applies the processes requested by the customers in product cleaning based on customer satisfaction.

  • Our company carries out grinding and leveling with the Automatic Grinding Robot for the products that require precise cleaning.

Gravity Casting

Expert Casting; About Casting

  • Gravity casting is a casting method made by pouring molten metal into a mold made of steel or cast iron and filling the cavity and is used for casting alloys with low melting temperatures.
  • It is ideal for the production of a large number of parts, as its mold is expensive.
  • The prepared mold can be used many times.

  • The product produced by gravity casting is better than the other casting method.

Wooden Model Manufacturing

Expert Casting; About Wooden Model Manufacturing

  • After the main modeling is obtained from materials such as wood or foam, the main
  • In order to obtain working modeling without modeling, molding is made and molding is made to obtain working modeling from metal equipment.
  • The master model is placed within the molding degree placed on a smooth surface.
  • Finely screened molding sand is sprinkled on the modeling and molding sand is compacted.

Sand Casting

Expert Casting; About Casting

  • Sand casting method is one of the most used casting methods.
  • It is preferred because of its low cost of mold and its application in parts of many different sizes.
  • The sand mold casting method is divided into machine molding and manual molding.
  • Gravity is used during casting and this method is suitable for single or small-scale mass production of castings.

Leakage Test

Expert Casting; About Sealing Test

  • With our experience of manufacturing sealing parts for more than 20 years, water tests from 0.1 to 15 atm can be performed in our pools of different sizes.
  • Expert Casting, with more than 400 active sealing parts production is Turkey's largest enterprise producing sealing part of the cast.
  • Most of the aluminum die-cast parts produced in our factory are sealed and pressure-resistant parts. For this reason, an underwater leakage test of 2 bars is performed on all parts of the products we produce.


Uzman Alüminyum Döküm Otomotiv Tekstil San.Tic.Ltd?şti

Location: Kavakpınar Mh. Sitre Sk. No:14 Pendik/İstanbul

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About The Company

About Us

Since 1996, our company has been one of the leading companies in aluminum casting industry with its mold and sand molding method. Our product capacity is from 0.1kg up to 1000 kg and it is documented by our production capacity report. Our production capacity is 350 tons / year and our production capacity is 250 tons / year. We are manufacturing various spare parts of automotive, electrical, elevator, defense industry, agriculture industry and machinery industry. In addition, we provide services in mining, lighting, construction, plastics etc. sectors. We currently export to Germany, France, UK and American countries. Our company; design and construction of model molds, original gating and feeder designs, all kinds of spades, aluminum casting, leveling, post casting, grinding, sanding, sealing, pressure test units in desired norms, producing 100% sealing and pressure resistant parts. We also sand blasting with stainless steel granules. We perform heat treatment, chemical analysis, physical analysis (tensile, rupture, elongation), processing and painting in our subcontractors. Please contact us if we can help you. our respect

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