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Dried Melon Slice

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Our dried melon tastes better than any candy that you have ever tried. Dried melon is rich sources of vitamins and essential minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin B6 and fiber.


Farzanegan Caspian co

Location: Taleghani Blv, Sari, Mazandaran, Iran - 00989120680098

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About The Company

The Farzanegan Caspian was founded in 2005. The corporation is located amongst the Caspian Sea and the Hyrcanian forests. One of our company’s product development programs is to share the sense of using the true taste of nature and the real organic product with others. Production of dried fruits and plants in our corporation uses dehydrated fruit drying machines. We will not use unauthorized foreign additives. Our brand: Owing to the fact that our field of activity is the food industry, plus the natural origin of raw materials plays a significant role for us, we have been using the name “Food Lord“, meaning the God of food. Values: We will promote safe foods and move towards using healthy foods to create a healthier society with the slogan “The Nature Taste” This is not just a slogan for us; this matter is institutionalized in us and committed to it.

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Mobile & Whatsapp: 00989120680098


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