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DMR Round Baler & Wrapper Machines

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Best way to retain product’s freshness and preserve quality by wrapping harvested materials such as silage , pulp, sawdust, all roughage feeds etc.. in range of 100 – 500 – 1000 kg . Our machines provide a significant contribution in the feeding animals by preserving materials’ longtime freshness ( if bale protected under appropriate conditions, protect its freshness long times and productivity so that the expenses stemming from animal feed is minimized.


- Easy loaded and folding bunker submit easy material loading without to much labour.

- Speed adjustable conveyor transfers and mix materials to the press room and protect blockage in the throat of the press room.

- Improved press room provide optimum press with rubber belt.

- Net wrapping unit help to protect of bale shapes by covering it by net.

- Material recycling unit helps to transfer the materials, which fall out from press room or bale, to press room again.

- Bottom Conveyor belt transfer the bale from bale room to strech wrapping unit.

- Double arm strech wrapping unit provide optimum wrapping to protect the materials from external factors.



DMR 100

DMR 500

DMR 1000

Capacity /Bales Per Hour

30-35 Bales/h

35-45  Bales/h

35-45 Bales/h

Bale Weight

80-140 Kg

400-550 Kg

750-1000 Kg

Power Consumption

15 kw/h

35 kw/h

50 kw/h

Bale Diameter

55x60 cm

90x100 cm

110x120 cm

Control System




Pressing Unit

Rubber Belt

Rubber Belt

Rubber Belt

Wehicle Connection




Stretch & Net Width

35x70 cm

50x100 cm

75x120 cm

Strech & Net Control




Height / Widht

280x200 cm

330x240 cm

420x2600 cm


5200 kg

9300 kg

12500 kg

Working Lenght

900 cm

1050 cm

1200 cm

Transport Lenght

650 cm

750 cm

850 cm


About Us

DEMIR PACKING with its international brandname D-PACK is the leading manufacturer company for automatic and semi automatic filling , weighting (scaling) and packing systems for agricultural, industrial and food sectors since 1980 . With the power of our expert engineers, technicians , professional staff, sales team and after sales service; we are at the top of list with our quality and working princibles. Demir Packing manufactures together with internationally valid registered TSE, CE, OIML, ISO certified materials and quality controls.

Our local references at any point of Turkey together with international references around the World reflect our real power, product quality and optimum function of products which make us powerfull than the others who are trying to imitiating and following us…


Demir Packing & Agricultural Machinery

Location: Konya

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About The Company

As Demir Packing & Agricultural Machinery, we are manufacturer and exporter of agricultural packing machines, food packing machines, silage harvesters, farm equipments and other related agricultural machines.

We have our machines more than 35 countries all over the world.

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