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DMR Modular Packing Machine

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Best way to retain product’s freshness and preserve quality by packing harvested materials in a range of 25-50 kg bags and also other industrial products such as manure, fertilizer, bolt etc... Our machines not only provide a significant contribution in the feeding animals by preserving materials’ longtime freshness and productivity to the livestock sector but also decrease workload of industrial sectors.


- 3 in 1 mobile concept (bunker + conveyor + packing unit) is economic and best solution.

- Entegrated Loading bunker for direct loading from trailers, trucks, loaders and doesnt require too muct effort.

- Entegrated vertical conveyor band provides direct transfer of materials from the bunker to the intaker unit as synchronised

working with motor drivers.

- Mobile main chasis with optimum dimension of complete set allows easy international freight in container for seaway.

- Accurate and Fast Weighing.

- Two step filling system for fast filling and exact/accurate scaling.

- Weighing and Filling Unit with movement sensor provides slowly and regular filling the materials and perceive the bags and

move the bag holders, save from time.

- Entegrated bottom band provides smoothly, fast transfering and easy use.

- Strong press unit brings the packaged material’s smooth appearance, easy packing save from space.

- Strong air suction ability with vacuum unit, absorb the air inside the bag.

- Any kind of closing with : Hot sealing , sewing, clipping up to user demand can be entegrated.

- All system is operated by the electronic control panel or automation PLC .

- Air Compressor supplies optimum air amount for all related units.

- Mechanical Lift Jack prevents any damage by stablizing the machine.

- Roof structure design gives oppurtunity for indoor/ outdoor working under rain or under sun.

- Remote Connection for technical support



8-10 Ton/h

Required Power

380 V

Filling Range

25-50 Kg/bag

Sealing and Pressing Band

300 cm

Power Consumption

12 kw/h

Chasis Dimension

650x220 cm

Filling Bunker Diameter

Ø28 - Ø32 cm

Bunker Dimension

200x160 cm

Single Axle with Tyres


Working Height 

290 cm

Stablizer and Drawbar

Mechanic Lift Jack

Transport Height

260 cm


About Us

DEMIR PACKING with its international brandname D-PACK is the leading manufacturer company for automatic and semi automatic filling , weighting (scaling) and packing systems for agricultural, industrial and food sectors since 1980 . With the power of our expert engineers, technicians , professional staff, sales team and after sales service; we are at the top of list with our quality and working princibles. Demir Packing manufactures together with internationally valid registered TSE, CE, OIML, ISO certified materials and quality controls.

Our local references at any point of Turkey together with international references around the World reflect our real power, product quality and optimum function of products which make us powerfull than the others who are trying to imitiating and following us…


Demir Packing & Agricultural Machinery

Location: Konya

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About The Company

As Demir Packing & Agricultural Machinery, we are manufacturer and exporter of agricultural packing machines, food packing machines, silage harvesters, farm equipments and other related agricultural machines.

We have our machines more than 35 countries all over the world.

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