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DMR Column Type Weighbridge

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Most efficacious way to fast and sensitive weigh of industrial materials. Our products can be manufactured up to the needs of companies ( customize ) not only provide high solution to companies, but also by decreasing their workloads minimize costs.


- Computerized Weighing System

- Vehicle Identification System

- Self-centering

- High Weighing Accuracy

- Long Lastig Durability

- Minimum Maintance Cost

- Common Servis Network

- Quality After Sale Service

- % 100 Customer Satisfaction




3x8 m

60 ton




3x9 m

60 ton




3x14 m

60 ton




3x14 m

60 ton

80 ton



3x16 m

60 ton

80 ton

100 ton


3x18 m

60 ton

80 ton

100 ton


3x20 m

60 ton

80 ton

100 ton

120 ton

Operating Degree

-20  +50

Weighing Memory



About Us

DEMIR PACKING with its international brandname D-PACK is the leading manufacturer company for automatic and semi automatic filling , weighting (scaling) and packing systems for agricultural, industrial and food sectors since 1980 . With the power of our expert engineers, technicians , professional staff, sales team and after sales service; we are at the top of list with our quality and working princibles. Demir Packing manufactures together with internationally valid registered TSE, CE, OIML, ISO certified materials and quality controls.

Our local references at any point of Turkey together with international references around the World reflect our real power, product quality and optimum function of products which make us powerfull than the others who are trying to imitiating and following us…


Demir Packing & Agricultural Machinery

Location: Konya

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About The Company

As Demir Packing & Agricultural Machinery, we are manufacturer and exporter of agricultural packing machines, food packing machines, silage harvesters, farm equipments and other related agricultural machines.

We have our machines more than 35 countries all over the world.

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