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Disposable bare fiber, 400 micron and 600 micron

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Min. Order: Negotiable
PackagingBox size 400mm*160mm*45mm Contain 5pcs fibers in one box

Silica bare fiber has excellent high temperature resistant and optical transmission performance, with widely clinical application.
‣ Standard SMA/FC connector
‣ Flat/air gap available
‣ Extension sleeve available in various colors
‣ Self-design on request
‣ Various tools available(fiber cutter、fiber stripper、fiber connector cleaner,etc)
‣ Standard length 3m, NA=0.22/0.37


Wuhan Medfibers Technology Co.,Ltd

Location: China

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About The Company

Medfibers focused on the research, manufacture and marketing of medical laser fibers and accessories. We provide full range of medical laser products, technique, and clinical application support. Our products are applicable with mainstream laser device worldwide.

We have a full set of manufacturing system and precision machining system, 10,000 grade and 100,000 grade super clean workshop, professional system of ethylene oxide sterilization. We devoted to be a product manufacturer and a service provider for the whole industrial chain in medical laser accessory industry.

We can provide various specifications of medical fiber laser accessories. Our decades of experience in product service and comprehensive clinical experience will provide you the most efficient and accurate support. With professional R&D team and manufacturing technology in-house, we are available to offer the OEM and ODM service. High quality clinical application, cost-effect products will be helpful to you all the time.

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