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Cytoplex Se 2000

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Definition of

It is used to meet the selenium needs of poultry.


2% selenium in organic form (CNCM I-3399) produced from Saccharomyces cerevisia. It contains a minimum of 2000 ppm selenium.


• High stability also in the presence of reagents such as tannins, phosphates and acids. • It causes less oxidation in feed and digestive canal. • The risk of toxic effects is lower, as the rate of food participation is low. • Less metal emission occurs. • It causes environmental pollution at a lower rate.

Usage and Dosage

It is used in broilers, laying hens, breeders and turkeys at the following doses.

Total selenium content in feed should not exceed 0.5 mg / kg.

In 25 kg bags.


Target Species

Doz (g / ton yem)


230 g (maksimum)

Laying Chicken

230 g (maksimum)


230 g (maksimum)


230 g (maksimum)


ANC hayvan beslenmesi ve sağlığı hizmetleri a.ş.

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