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Coxidin 200 microGranulate

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Definition of

It is a European Union BSA approved ionophore anticoccidial in microgranule form. (EU license number: S51701)


Contains 200g / kg monensin sodium.

Mode of Effect

It shows its anticoccidial effect by disrupting the membrane permeability of the parasite cells.


• It has a special mechanism of action that minimizes the risk of resistance. • Helps to develop natural immunity against coccidiosis. • It has no negative effect on feed, water consumption and feathering. • It is compatible with all feed ingredients. • It maintains its stability during processes such as pelleting. • Distributes homogeneously in premixes and feeds; allows precise dosing. • It has an optimum particle distribution (200-500 microns) and therefore excellent fluidity.

Use of

It is used in the following doses for the control of coccidiosis in broiler and broiler turkeys.


Target Species

Monensin Sodium Amount (ppm / ton feed)

Coxidin 200 MicroGranulate Amount (g / ton feed)


 100 - 125

 500 - 625

Ethnic Hindi

 90 - 100

 450 - 500


1 day. It is not used in laying hens and breeders. Toxic to horses. It is not used with certain chemicals such as tiamulin, erythromycin, oleandomycin, sulfadimethoxynine, sulfadimidine and sulfacinoxaline. In 20 kg bags.

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