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  • Corrugated cardboard used in packaging is ready to use in roll form
  • Protects the material inside from damage and scratch



SEMKON INTERNATIONAL TRADING is an importer / exporter company based in Turkey. Goal of SEMKON is to bring together international consumers and Turkish industry which is located in an important position within the international industry with its power and potential.

SEMKON is the supplier of the products and manufacturers which have proved the usefulness, quality and reliability in both domestic and international markets.


Activities in different sectors with the business branches Semkon Food Pack and Semkon Machinery, Semkon is providing service as the export dealer of its partners with the partnership made with manufacturer companies,

The goal of Semkon is to strengthen its position as a permanent supplier among the reliable companies in the sector. To achieve this goal, it keeps the hard work with the innovativeness and customer focused approach in product supply.


Semkon International Trading Import Export - Seckin Çelem

Location: Ankara

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About The Company

SEMKON Trading is one of the leading and trusted trading import & exporter companies based in Turkey. We have been trading and exporting various well quality products manufactured in Turkey to different markets in several countries. SEMKON Trading has been organized in marketing of goods that have proved their quality in Turkish industry such as various consumable products, packaging goods, plastics, construction equipment, textile goods etc.

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