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Coal Heatead Boilers (Automatic)

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Automatic Coal Heated Boilers is a perfect solution for the preperty heating in the areas where is the Natural Gas is not available. As well as there are regions where our customers prefer to switch from Naturag Gas to a Coal due to the lower cost and the efficiency.

Our boilers are specially designed and manufactured as per highest Quality Management Systmes, by using the wuality materials and skilled labor.

There are many sucessful installations and utilization of NAMSAN boilers accross the Turkey, where our customers are using Coal and when needed also using the wood to operate our boilers. 

No matter of what type of property it is, the NAMSAN boilers can be a perfet solution for the heating of premises and the hot water.

Among the sucessful applications there are Single Storey Houses, Villas, Farm houses, Living Blocks with duplex apartments, Schools, Abacus, Commercial properties, Showrooms, Ranches and etc.

Our factory is perfectly located where the prfect access to port of IZMIR, MERSIN and ISTANBUL and we can supply the product worldwide. As well as we can load the lorries if the roadway is preferable.

Please get in touch with our multilingual Sales Team for more info.



Location: Uşak

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About The Company

Manufacturer of the alternative heating systemssuch as Coal Boilers and Pellet Heaters for home and commercial premises.

Open for single purchase or dealership agreements in all around the world.

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