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Chinese Luminol CAS NO.521-31-3 for In vitro diagnostic test kit

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The principle of Luminol is that hemoglobin is contained in the blood, and hemoglobin contains iron. In the presence of hydrogen peroxide, iron can make Luminol produce luminous reaction, producing blue light. When checking the blood stain, it shows blue green fluorescence in a dark environment, lasting for about 30 seconds. The sensitivity of this detection method can reach one millionth of a million. It can identify blood stains that have been scrubbed for a long time.


Hubei New Desheng Materials Technology Co., Ltd

Location: Ezhou City, Hubei Province

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We are specialized in Blood collection tube additives(serum separation gel, sodium heparin, lithium heparin, EDTA K2,EDTA K3,EDTA Na2,silicide agent, coagulant, etc), biological buffers(tris buffer,tris HCL,TAPS,CAPS,TAE,etc), chemiluminescent reagents (luminol,DAME-NHS,etc), new trinder's reagents(TOOS,TOPS,MAOS,etc), enzymes preparations, antigens and antibodies.

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